What is a Dry Bag?

What is a dry bag? You may have heard of one before, but never really found out exactly what they are. Or maybe they are a completely new concept and you have clicked this link to find out more. On the other hand you may have already used one but wanted to get to know the true benefits of owning a dry bag. Read on…

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What is a dry bag – LOOK left

To the left is a dry bag. This is how the bag will look when filled with items. Supplied flat and folded (ultra portable), dry bags fold out to reveal a spacious sack that is ready to store your belongings. Pack your items in, fold down the top and clip up the clasp, your dry bag is ready for use. Attach the overarm strap if required, or simply carrying use the clip handle.

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Give me all the details

The All Purpose Storage Solution

In short a dry bag keeps everything you store in it dry. Rather than just a “waterproof bag” it keeps you electronics, clothes, valuables and more “dry” against ALL weather conditions. This means whatever you throw at it, water, snow, dirt or sand will be unable to damage what is in inside. The bags are quite simply a super-shield that enable you to get the most from every activity.

What makes them different?

What makes a dry bag different to any normal bag? Manufactured from 500D tarpaulin (a lightweight, flexible, hard wearing material) dry bags offer a different level of protection and storage to a typical bag. No puddle, ocean, ski slope or swamp will damage the bag or what you have stored inside. With a standard bag you are likely to either stain the bag, or damage the items inside as liquids are able to penetrate the fabrics.

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DRYU complete waterproof dry bag range

Safe Inside and Out

Excellent at keeping stored items dry, they are equally good at storing wet items. For example a surf suit, set of swimming trunks, or a sweaty set of gym clothes. The dry bags are able to float, which means you can take them in the sea rather than leaving valuables on the beach, or confidently store valuables on a boat.

Functional, lightweight and versatile

Dry bags are easy to fold away and store, but equally effective at storing heavy items over your shoulder or via the carry handle all day. There lightweight properties make them ideal for packing in a suitcase for a long trip or holiday. There strength and weather resistance make them perfect for taking down the beach. Dry bag usage and benefits are endless, learn how a dry bag in you possession will help you make the most of every activity here.

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Where can I use a dry bag?

Is everywhere an answer?

Everywhere is the answer to “where can I use my dry bag” but to make things easier we have gone through all the benefits of using the bags for specific activities below. How helpful of us!

All the facts in a video

No time to read the entire article. Overcome the question of what is a dry bag, and get the core features, benefits and uses with this quick fire video…

Now you know what a dry bag is

Having absorbed all that dry bag information, it’s safe to say you dry bag knowledge should be extensive. It’s now simply a case of getting your hands on one and letting the discovery and exploration begin. Hit the store to grab your DRYU bag. Maybe you still have some unanswered questions contact us here with your questions.