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Get wet and forget with DRYU waterproof wetsuit and surf dry bags. Prevent damage to valuables, belongings and existing bags and throw your wet suit and surf gear in a DRYU bag. Contain the wet or shield the dry, hitting the waves is more fun with DRYU.

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Adventure Collection

Adventure Bag Collection Pack

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Why Do I Need a Surf and Wet Suit Waterproof Bag?

Retain Wet – Surf dry bags

Having been surfing or out enjoying water sports, there is nothing worse than putting your wet suit and wet gear down to make all of your other gear equally wet and sandy. water and sand proof the surf dry bags are the perfect solution; simply store your wet suit and surf gear in the bag and retain the wet in a single place.

Keep the dry from the wet

When surfing, there is always a high chance of exposing your belongings, valuables and dry clothes to water. Eliminate the risk by storing all your dry items in a DRYU wet suit and surf dry bag, to keep them 100% protected from water, sand and dirt while at the beach. The perfect way to ensure your towels and change of clothes are dry for you to change in to.

Flexible, Versatile and Strong

Strong enough to carry your soaking wet suit and surf gear, but light enough to carry over your shoulder or store in a bag for later use, DRYU bags are an extremely practical solution for surfing and water sport activities. The bags strength also ensures that even during the most extreme conditions your valuables will remain safe.

Float in Water

Due to their design, DRYU bags are able to float in water when sealed correctly. This is great for people who want to take the bags out into the sea with them, or want to reduce the risk of having things stolen on the beach when out in the water alone.

10 litre waterproof bag in pool

Easy to clean

Manufactured from Tarpaulin (500D) the bags are extremely easy to was and wipe down. Even the most extensive amount of sand, dirt and salty water is easily washed away, ensure you can place the bags anywhere after use.

weather proof dry bags

A size to suit your surf

Available in 3 sizes; small (5 litre) medium (10 litre) and Large (20 litre) there is a DRYU bag to suit your water sports needs. Keep electronics and belongings in the small variation, whilst the larger options are better suited for clothes and wet suit storage.

DRYU complete waterproof dry bag range

Keep your wet suit and and surf gear from your dry electronics and belongings and your dry valuables away from the wet with DRYU wet suit and surf dry bags. Discover the entire waterproof bag range here.