Essential For Your Itinerary – Waterproof Travel Bags

Have you got big travel plans, dreams of waterfalls, rivers, mountains and more? You’ve got your route planned, your flights booked, accommodation in place, so lets go! Wait, are all your valuables, clothes and essentials safe from the fun you are going to have? Don’t let water, snow, dirt or sand hold you back and pack a DRYU waterproof travel bag on your trip.

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Why do I Need a Waterproof Travel Bag?

The Weather

On your travels you will undoubtedly experience all types of unpredictable weather conditions. Sun and blue skies one moment and out of nowhere rain begins to fall. Heavy snowfall leaves your items vulnerable to water exposure or high winds. High winds sweep in sand and dirt ruining your clothes and damaging electronics. The weather possibilities are endless.

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A Turn for the Worse

DRYU waterproof travel bags are a great way to prepare for these occasions, keep items permanently stored in them or stow your waterproof travel bag in an existing bag ready to use when the weather changes.

The Experiences

Travelling consists of all types of new and exciting experiences. Some experiences are planned, others aren’t. Make sure you are ready for that trip down the rapids, that river cruise, that mountain hike or that surfing lesson with DRYU waterproof travel bags.

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Safe From All The Elements

Anything you don’t want to get wet, dirty, or covered in snow can quickly be stored in your DRYU bag allowing you to fully embrace the experiences and adventure ahead. When required you can enjoy taking a clean and dry set of clothes, towels, valuables from the DRYU bag and getting on with your travels.

The Packing

When travelling you will most likely want to travel light, with space at a premium. Easy to stow away for later use or light enough to carry around at all times DRYU waterproof bags are extremely practical. In addition, they are great way to keep wet clothes away from your dry clothes, whether they are carried inside or out of an existing bag.

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Divide Dirty/damp from Clean/dry

There is nothing worse than packing all your wet dirty clothes with your dry clean ones only to find them all equally smelly/dirty. Storing just your electronics and valuables in them and then stowing them inside a bag full of damp clothes is also a great of preventing any water damage.

Waterproof Travel Bag Features

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These are just some of the reasons to take a DRYU waterproof travel bag with you on your next trip or travelling adventure.  All you need to decide now is which colour and size most suits your style and travelling needs. No excuses. Dive in.