Get Wet and Forget – With Kayak and Boat Dry Bags

Store and forget about all your valuables and belongings with DRYU waterproof kayak and boat dry bags. Featuring 100% waterproof protection you can enjoy your next water based excursion without risk of damaging your belongings

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Why Do I Need a Kayak and Boat Waterproof Bag

Water Everywhere

A fundamental feature of kayaking and boating is water, and lots of it. As much fun as water provides, it is a common cause of significant damage and the loss of valuables and belongings. DRYU waterproof bags provide a place for you to store all electronics and valuables safely and securely, even in the choppiest water.

Boat Dry Bags That Float

DRYU waterproof bags float in water when correctly sealed. Whilst not to be used as a buoyancy device, they are a great way to carry valuables from a boat or kayak to the shore, without risking damage. If the bags should accidentally fall in, there is less reason to panic as they won’t sink and can be easily rescued.

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Keep it With You

Jump in your kayak or canoe and keep everything with you thanks to DRYU waterproof bags. Splashing water and waves won’t damage your valuables or belongings as long as they are safely stowed away. A perfect solution for people concerned about leaving valuables behind or not having a communication device with them at all times.

Hard Wearing, Flexible & Versatile

Manufactured from 500D Tarpaulin and PVC coated, DRYU kayak and boat dry bags offer complete protection from water and weather when out on a boat or in a kayak/canoe. The flexible materials make them great to keep stored until needed, whilst the carry strap and overarm strap make them equally equipped to wear at all times.

Take What You Need

Available in 3 capacities, it’s easy to take exactly what you need on your next boat and kayak outing. Towels and changes of clothes, or electronics and valuables the kayak and boat dry bag range is well suited to every requirement. Small, medium and large, waterproof bag selection is really simple with DRYU.

Dry/Wet & Wet/Dry

DRYU bags are equally as good at keeping wet items from dry as they are keeping dry items from wet. This makes them a great solution to storing all your wet gear and towels after you have been out on a boat or kayak. Don’t get caught out and keep everything safe before and after water exposure with DRYU waterproof bags.

What ever time of year or type of weather you plan to go out kayaking or boating keep everything safe from water and extreme weather with a DRYU kayak and boat dry bag at your side. Shop the complete range here.