Essential For Your Next Trip – Waterproof Holiday Bags

Looking forward to you next holiday? Maybe you are heading somewhere sunny, some time down the pool at the beach or maybe you are going skiing, exploring or a bit of everything. Where ever you are setting off to home or abroad keep your belongings and valuables safe with DRYU waterproof holiday bags.

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Why do I Need a Waterproof Holiday Bag?

Make Every Moment Count

If you are off on a sunny holiday, no doubt one of the first things you plan to do is go to the beach or hit the pool. Don’t put your valuables including tablets, e-readers, books and phones at risk, and store them in a waterproof holiday bag to keep all your items well protected from the surf, sand and the inevitable splashing.

Take Valuables With You

If you are heading in to the sea alone and are worried about leaving you belongings behind, stow them in your DRYU waterproof holiday bag and take them with you. The bags float!

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Essential for Every Holiday

Equally if you are hitting the slopes for some skiing, or out for a walk their is always risk of moisture damaging valuables and clothes. DRYU waterproof travel bags are a great way to prepare for these occasions, keep items permanently stored in them or stow your waterproof travel bag in an existing bag ready to use when the weather changes.

The Experiences

Make the most of the boat trips or one day excursions you have planned with a DRYU waterproof holiday bag. You may have the best phone, camera or tablet available but what good is it if you can’t take pictures or upload them to show your friends? Keep them safe and store them in a DRYU bag when there is risk of water, sand, snow or dirt exposure.

5 Litre waterproof holiday bag

The Packing

With luggage space at a premium due to airline restrictions, it’s great to save on space when ever possible. Easy to stow away for later use or light enough to carry in your hand luggage DRYU waterproof bags are extremely practical. In addition, they are great way to keep wet/dirty clothes away from your dry/clean clothes, whether they are carried inside or out of an existing bag.

Vibrant & Fun

DRYU waterproof holiday bags are vibrant, fun and incredibly versatile. They look great if you are taking them down the beach, pool, or off to the slopes. The distinctive colours, will undoubtedly stand out against the sand, snow or sea and make you feel good on your holiday.

Light and Versatile

DRYU bags are incredibly light and portable, making them a great choice as your stand alone bag or stowed away. Versatility is further extended by the waterproof holiday bags robust properties, making it possible to store and protect all of your belongings.

Waterproof holiday bag

Any items you don’t want to get wet, covered in sand, snow or dirt can be easily stored allowing you to enjoy every moment of your holiday. When your finished in the sea or pool, take your dry, clean towel and clothes out of the DRYU bag and enjoy the rest of the day.

Waterproof Holiday Bag Features

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These are just some of the reasons to take a DRYU waterproof holiday bag on your holiday.  All you need to decide now is which colour and size most suits your style and storage needs. No excuses. Dive in.