Essential For The Gym – Waterproof Gym Bags

Sweat, showers and energy drinks are just some of the things that your valuables can be exposed to at the gym. Don’t let your expensive items, clothes and delicates damaged, keep them clean and dry and store them in DRYU waterproof gym bags.

Why Do I Need a Waterproof Gym Bag?

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms floors are frequently damp or have unexpected puddles where you set down you items. Or it may even be a case of the person next to you drying off and spraying your belongings with water.

Storing all your items and valuables in a DRYU waterproof gym bag keeps your items safe and dry, allowing you to set them down at your leisure. Completely wipe proof, it’s easy to wipe water away from the bags.

Close up, complete waterporoof dry bag range

Sweaty Session

Sweating is a fundamental part of going to the gym. Whether it’s yours or someone elses, keep your items away from sweat exposure by storing them in a DRYU waterproof gym bag.

No Luck with the Locker

It can happen to all of us, and the thought of leaving items unguarded while using the shower or going in to the can take the enjoyment from the experience.

With DRYU waterproof gym bags you can take all you valuables to the gym area and showers, knowing that all your items are with and are safe from water, sweat, and other sources of moisture.

Waterproof gym bag

Light and Versatile

If you want to take your valuables in to the gym or showers DRYU waterproof gym bags are light and versatile enough to take them with you. The vibrant colours also mean that it would almost be impossible to leave them behind.



After a heavy (or light) gym session a lot of people will want to use the showers to freshen up. Prevent towels from dropping on the floor and getting wet by keeping them in your DRYU waterproof gym bag.

5 Litre waterproof holiday bag

Post Shower Storage

Once you have had your shower, you can also store your wet swimming trunks and towels in the bag separating them from your dry items. Used as your wet bag or as your solo gym bag, DRYU waterproof gym bags are strong and versatile enough for all uses.

Choose Your Waterproof Gym Bag

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Waterproof Gym Bag Features

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DRYU waterproof gym bags are a must have essential for your next visit to the gym.  All you need to decide now is which colour and size most suits your style and storage needs. No excuses. Dive in.