Essential For Festivals – Waterproof Festival Bags

Jumping around, crowd surfing and sweat are just some of the things DRYU waterproof festival bags will protect your valuables and belongings from at your next festival. Should the weather forecast let you down, a shower be needed or crowd surfing be expected your belongings are safe at all times.

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Why Do I Need a Waterproof Festival Bag?

The Weather

The ideal situation of sun-kissed skies doesn’t always materialise at festivals. Rain and wind can quickly put an end to any enjoyment and valuables and clothes are open to severe damage. With very few places to keep dry, DRYU waterproof festival bags allow you to quickly and safely store any clothes and electronics and keep them shielded from all weather conditions.

When the weather passes your items will be completely dry, if you brought a towel it’s the perfect way to get dry quickly and change into warm clothes.

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Drinks, Lotions and Liquids

Drinks, lotions and other liquids are just some of the pleasures that can your valuables can be exposed to at festivals. DRYU waterproof festival bags will keep valuables and clothes items protected from them all, whilst also being extremely easy to wipe down and should they themselves experience such exposure.

No Luck with the Locker

You may have forgotten to reserve a locker, or prefer to keep your phone and valuables with you to remain contactable but require another solution to keep your items safe. DRYU waterproof festival bags are great way to still enjoy the best festival moments, by simply store all your items inside the bag should things get sweaty, or the weather changes.

Waterproof festival bag

Light and Versatile

DRYU waterproof festival bags extremely light properties make them a great way to carry items around a festival. Either keep them stowed away for later use or carry everything in them and use it as your only bag. Made from super strong 500D tarplin, they offer the ultimate protection for festival goers.



For those who have experienced festival showers will know how wet and damp the experience can be. Not to mention the potential risk of losing your valuables. DRYU waterproof festival bags are a great solution: store all items in them and then take them in to the shower with you in the knowledge that even with significant shower spray your belongings are safe and protected with you.

5 Litre waterproof holiday bag

Camping at the Festival

At many festivals camping represents a major component. DRYU waterproof festival bags provide all types of uses, including weather protection, clothes storage and more. Set the bags down on the floor in confidence they are easy to wipe down and are providing complete protection for your phone, clothes and other valuables. Keeping your valuables safe from water, sand, and dirt you know that your belongings are safe.

Waterproof Festival Bag Features

More than Waterproof Festival Bags

DRYU bags are more than just waterproof, they feature a variety of resistance benefits that provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your belongings. No matter how dirty, sweaty or sticky you get them you can be sure your belongings are safe inside.

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DRYU waterproof festivals bags are essential for facing the unpredictability of a festival.
All you need to decide now is which colour and size most suits your style and storage needs. No excuses. Dive in.