The DRYU® Bag Collection makes it easy
to chose the right waterpoof dry bag for your next adventure

DRYU waterproof dry bags provide premium weather protection for your valuables and belongings. Discover and explore on your next adventure with a DRYU bag over your shoulder or by your side. Manufactured from premium grade 500D PVC coated Tarpaulin.

DRYU® Adventure (20 Litre) Waterproof Dry Bag Range

The 20 litre capacity waterproof dry bag is great for storing all your valuables and belongings from water, sand snow and dirt. With enough space to store multiple changes of clothes, phones, and gadgets they are great for individuals with big plans, or a group of people heading out for the day. Store all your towels, gadgets and more when you hit the beach or head to a festival, take it travelling with you and keep a dry change of clothes and towel with you at all times.

Featuring a carry handle and overarm strap keep it at your side or on your shoulder. Keep it folded away in your bag or use it as your main storage solution, DRYU waterproof dry bags are extremely versatile


DRYU® Excursion (10 Litre) Waterproof Dry Bag Range

DRYU 10 Litre Waterproof dry bags are great for storing valuables and a change of clothes. Well suited to an individual heading to the beach, pool, travelling or festival the bags will provide essential protection against water, sand dirt and snow. The bags are also ideal for a couple or friends needing weather protection for their belongings. There smaller size, but large capacity make them a practical solution for taking everywhere with you, whatever activities you have planned.

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DRYU® Essentials (5 Litre) Waterproof Dry Bags Range

DRYU 5 litre waterproof dry bags are portable perfection for protecting your valuables and electronics from water, sand, snow, and dirt. Store your phone, tablet, camera, jewellery, books and more and enjoy an active lifestyle. A lifesaver by the beach, pool or festival DRYU 5 Litre waterproof bags are portable enough to be carried around at all times, or stored in a existing bag for future use. Featuring a removable overarm strap and handle they are easy to carry around on adventures of any size.


DRYU® Range Features

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DRYU® Waterproof Dry Bag Applications

DRYU Bag Applications

Whatever your plans there is a DRYU bag to suit every activity and adventure.