Waterproof Beach Bags- Essential For The Beach

Whether it is at home or abroad, we all love to head to the beach and soak up the sun and take a dip in the sea. Don’t let those moments be spoilt by exposing your phone, tablet, books, valuables and clothes to water and sand. Instead stow them away in DRYU waterproof beach bags, and enjoy each and every moment at the beach.

Choose Your Waterproof Beach Bag

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Why do I Need a Waterproof Beach Bag?

The Sand

Sand has a habit of getting everywhere, finding its way in to electronics, clothes and shoes making for some very expensive damages or uncomfortable journeys home. DRYU waterproof beach bags provide excellent protection from sand, keeping your clothes and valuables safely stored until they are needed at a later time.

Take Valuables With You

If you heading to the beach alone and are worried about leaving your clothes or valuables unattended, you can now take them with you thanks to the floating properties of DRYU waterproof beach bags.

Pink 5 litre Waterproof dry bag wet

Ice Creams, Drinks, Lotions and More

An ice cream at the beach is always a memorable experience, but hopefully not for the wrong reasons. Avoid ruining clothes, towels and electronics with dripping ice creams, drinks, food and sun lotions and keep the dry and clean inside your waterproof beach bag.

The Sea

Even if you just intended to gaze in wonder at the sea, it can be very difficult to avoid water exposure. Keep moisture, spray and surf at bay with DRYU waterproof beach bags. Stow your items in the bags and sit back and relax, or if you want to embrace the sea take all your items with you knowing they are protected from water.

DRYU waterproof beach bag range

The Sun

Acting almost like a sun lotion for your electronics, DRYU beach bags are ideal way to keep valuables away from the sun preventing them from over heating. On top of their resistance to sand and water, they are great all round way to keep your valuables in pristine condition.


Vibrant & Fun Waterproof Beach Bags

DRYU waterproof beach bags are vibrant, fun and incredibly versatile. They look great at the beach and will no doubt add some colour to any photos you plan to take. The distinctive colours, will undoubtedly stand out against the sand and sea and make you feel even better at the beach

Essential for Activities

Maybe you had planned to do some surfing, a boat trip, or just a bit of water volleyball, DRYU waterproof beach bags are a great way to keep everything safe and stowed away while you make the most of these activities.

waterproof beach bags

Light and Versatile

DRYU bags are incredibly light and portable, making them a great choice as your stand alone bag or stowed away. Versatility is further extended by the waterproof beach bags robust properties, making it possible to store and protect all of your belongings.

Waterproof Beach Bag Features

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DRYU waterproof beach bags are must have essential for your next trip to the beach.  All you need to decide now is which colour and size most suits your style and storage needs. No excuses. Dive in.