DRYU – Born in Bournemouth. Ready For The World

Established in Bournemouth, on the South West coast of England at DRYU we are passionate about the outdoors and being active. With sea, sand and countryside on our doorsteps, the outdoors is integral to our every day lives. Life Without Limits underpins the energy behind DRYU. 

On the south west coast of Britain, we experience all varieties of weather including stunning sunshine, sweeping winds, rain and snow. With beaches, forests and water sports aplenty there are always outdoor activities to enjoy in the local area. Despite inspiration close to home, life without limits is a message we hope to deliver worldwide. Our first product the waterproof dry bags has been inspired by this ethos. Across the UK and worldwide, we experience all types of extreme weather making the bags essential for anyone looking for functional and fashionable protection for their belongings.


We have lived together in Bournemouth for the last 7 years, having made a permanent move from London after University. Combined with camping, festival and travel experiences the Bournemouth lifestyle has provided significant inspiration for DRYU.

As much as we aspire to being out adventuring all the time, it’s not always possible. Our vision for DRYU is that day to day life can be hard, but when the opportunity to have fun arises it should be faced without limitations. Vibrant colours and an uplifting ethos (life without limits) are an example of that thought process.

No matter what your background is; a keen sportsman, casual explorer or frequent festival goer, DRYU is designed to give you the freedom to get the most from every adventure and outdoor activity. How ever you choose to achieve your goals or go about daily life, DRYU aims to help you overcome all obstacles.

Life Without Limits.

DRYU – Minimalist Travel & Outdoor Essentials

The focus on having less to achieve more represents significant inspiration behind DRYU. Our products are designed to be simple in design but extremely useful in application.

For example our waterproof dry bags provide an excellent storage solution for all types of travel and outdoor activities. They are simply a super strong bag that is water and extreme weather proof. Light, portable, compact and easy to pack they are incredibly useful.

The same minimalist properties are also a feature of our Microfibre towels. Useful for all types of travel and activities they are a great addition to your inventory. Light, fast-drying and compact they will literally take up minimal storage space in your packing.

Jamie and Hannah Paddle Boat

Jamie and Hannah

The Brains Behind The Brand

DRYU represents keeping dry and safe, whilst the brand strap line “life without limits” endorses full enjoyment of every experience, safe in the knowledge all valuables are safe from extreme weather. With our first product, the DRYU bag there are no limits to what you can achieve.

DRYU complete waterproof dry bag range

Fun, Fashionable, Functional Vibes

The vibrant colour range further endorses the fun, fashionable vibes associated with the DRYU brand. Exploration, discovering and outdoor activities are all about having fun, and we endorse a feel good factor through the colours of each of our bags. Furthermore, each colour is inspired by travel and exploring (Gold Coast Yellow, Lagoon Blue etc) to encourage you to think big when comes to every adventure.

Designed for Life

Ideal for watersports and other extreme activities, the DRYU adventure bag range has been developed as a lifestyle essential. Even day to day activities such as going for a walk can be enjoyed knowing your items are safely shielded from natures worst whilst the unknown of travelling can be less daunting knowing items are well protected.

Large blue waterproof beach bag

Just imagine how beneficial a DRYU bag would be when you next go to the gym, swimming, a festival, camping or any outdoor activity. We haven’t even mentioned how great they would be at the pool or beach when you next go on holiday. DRYU enhances all the moments of your life, and lets you do it in style. DRYU is truly a “life-style” bag range.

Here’s an idea of some of the activities that are great match for your DRYU waterproof bag:

DRYU Bag Applications

Explore the Range

Now you know more about DRYU’s background and inspiration, explore the adventure bag range and prepare to get more from every day and extended adventures:

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Adventure Collection

Adventure Bag Collection Pack

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Gold Coast Yellow

Yellow Waterproof Dry Bags


Cherry Blossom Pink

Pink Waterproof Adventure Bags