10 Litre Waterproof Bag

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Keep valuables, clothes and shoes safe from water
and extreme conditions with a DRYU 10 litre waterproof bag.

Available in vibrant all season colours; blue, pink, yellow and orange, a DRYU 10 litre waterproof bag provides essential water and weather protection for all your belongings. Although light and flexible they are super strong, capable of holding two changes of clothes, shoes, phones or your other precious items and valuables, the 10 litre capacity is ideal for individuals and couples.

With your valuables stored in the 10 litre waterproof bag all your items are safe from water, sand, snow, dirt and other extreme conditions. Perfect for a day out, camping, festivals, holidays and more you can venture far and wide, whilst keeping your valuables safe.

Should rain begin to fall when you are out and about, or the changing room is particularly wet, you can be sure your belongings are safe and dry in a DRYU bag. If you are planning a more challenging and epic exploration, you can feel safe your items are fully protected by the bags super strong and robust design.

10 Litre Waterproof Bag Features – The DRYU Standard

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Bag Applications

DRYU Bag Applications

Whether you are planning a trip, holiday, going travelling, off to the gym, skiing or various water sports you can enjoy them all safe in the knowledge your items are protected from all weather conditions in your 10 litre dry bag.