Turbocharge Your 2017 Travel Preparations

Turbo Charged 2017 Travel Preparations

Those with previous travel experience will know, that travel preparations begin well before departure. Whether it’s organising transport, accommodation or your daily itinerary there is a whole lot to consider when it comes to travelling. 

With this post we hope we can help you turbocharge your 2017 travel preparations. Pointing you in the direction of the best places to make your travel ambitions a reality. Travel preparations needn’t be a barrier to travel, so lets give you the boost you might be after.

1- Travel Transport Preparation

Flights, trains, coaches and transfers are the first point of call when it comes to travel transport preparations.

Air Travel

Popular websites such as Kayak, Skyscanner, Opodo and expedia are always very competitive when it comes to air travel. These web sites are particularly effective in giving you the prices for various airlines (rather than checking them all directly).

Check a few sites to get the best deals. Each of these websites also have there own apps for simpler browsing

Coaches and Trains

Depending on your destination it’s often best to check official government and community websites for that specific country/region.

A quick search on Google will undoubtedly help locate an abundance of valuable resources

Rental Cars and Transfers

As with airlines there are a lot of providers when it comes to rental cars. We would suggest heading somewhere like rentalcars.com as these websites will give you a variety of options in terms of provider and vehicle type. When booking your flights you can also get special deals with certain rental car companies but make sure you are actually getting a deal.

Airport transfer deals can also be enjoyed from airlines for transfers, but as with rental cars they may not be the best value available . Why not try Independent providers such as hoppa.

2 – Travel Accommodation Preparation

Nothing says “a great place to stay” quite as well as TripAdvisor. Undoubtedly this should be the corner stone of your travel accommodation guidance with real customer reviews providing the ratings behind each hotel, B&B and apartment.

TripAdvisor also allows you compare hotel prices from different providers and in some cases book with the hotel directly. Other quality booking websites include trivago for straight forward comparison, booking.com and expedia are also very popular and price competitively.

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3 – Travel Itinerary Preparation

Organisation and Planning

Notes and paperwork are still useful, but aren’t always the most practical solution for modern travellers. With numerous things to pack, you don’t want to risk damaging or losing your travel documents.

A self-prepared excel document is always a good place to start and to help you on your way protravelblog.com have put together a list of 9 useful travel templates to get you started. Alternatively you may want to completely streamline your travel itinerary and have it all in one place; your smartphone. With apps like Tripit your travel plans are literally in the palm of your hand at all times.

Dining and Recreation

As with Travel Accommodation, planning your trip is made a whole lot of easier thanks to TripAdvisor. You can find out where the best places to visit and eat are in the specific locations you are staying.

All the reviews are from previous customers and visitors so you can feel comfortable in your choices. With direct links to websites its quick and easy to make advance reservations and begin to build and organise your time more effectively.

Travel Packing

Depending on your destination travel preparation may include various changes of clothes, lotions and sprays to keep you in tune with surrounding environment. There’s a lot of things to consider and Pinterest is often the best place to find packing resources specific to your destinations. At DRYU we hope to simplify some of your packing choices and our waterproof travel bags, towels and phone cases are a great to get started. Light, compact highly portable they will give you more space for your other belongings.

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Insurance, Money and Visas 

Unfortunately travel preparations come with some unpleasant necessities, such as travel insurance, visas and passports. For travel insurance a comparison website such as gocompare is a good place to get the best deals. For travel money moneysavingexpert is a great place to find the best credit cards to use while abroad. For visas and passports a search specific to your destination in Google is your safest option.

4 – Travel Preparation Advice

For some of the most personal and intricate advice on how to prepare a travel blogs are great resource. Travel bloggers are extremely passionate about the blogs and very dedicated in the content they deliver. They are often the best resource for finding niche places to visit, exact times to do things and more.

Unlike the traditional websites previously mentioned they go a lot deeper into the travelling experiences and how to deal with certain situations – and this is where there true value lies. We would thoroughly recommend you look at as many travel blogs before you set off. It’s all well and good that somewhere has star excellent ratings, but what is it really like? A Travel Blogger will you give you that insight.

There are plenty to chose from when making your travel preparations but here are some of our favourites:

In addition to these travel bloggers, Pinterest is always a great portal for bloggers travel advice. It’s easy to search specific to your location and within it you can find a world full of unique and valuable resources.

5 – Take Away The Travel Preparation Hassle

For some people it can all be a bit too much of hassle or time consuming to make all the travel preparations yourself. There is a rewarding feeling from a DIY travel plan but there are also some great benefits to be had from giving the responsibility to a third party.

There’s the peace of mind that EVERYTHING is covered, your price is one simple to understand figure, and in some cases you may actually save money compared to booking by yourself. For long haul trips websites such as trailfinders and STA Travel are a strong choice. For those longer for shorter breaks secretescapes and travelzoo offer some great package deals.

Start Your 2017 Travel Preparations and Begin The Adventure

The exciting thing about travel preparations is you all the best bits to look forward to. A short or extended trip is always something to get excited about and making plans today will only enhance the enjoyment before and during your travels. We hope this post has helped you on your way and wish you a great travel experience in 2017.

NOTE: DRYU is by no means associated or affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies and there use within the article has simply been used to enhance the quality of the post.

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