Travel Like There’s No Tomorrow

Travel Now, Not Tomorrow

Excitement, anticipation, euphoria…just some of the words you might use to describe the thought of going travelling in 2017. Anticipating adventure, exploration and new experiences can be quite overwhelming. Equally overwhelming is the urge to GO NOW. All that day dreaming, imagining yourself in picturesque locations and looking at Pinterest it’s almost like being there. Sort of. Let’s stop the daydreaming, lets make it happen. Life Without Limits.

Prepare For Travel

Budgets, packing, flights, places to go…how will you get your head around all of those questions? Thankfully we put together a travel post quite recently called turbo charge your 2017 travel preparations“, hopefully that will give you some much needed guidance on the preparation side of things.

If money represents the immediate obstacle, why not look around home at things you can sell to earn some money towards your trip. Selling unwanted belongings might be a quicker solution than saving.

Travel Without Limits

Sometimes we don’t do things because we create “worse case scenarios” in our head. For example what if I get caught in this situation or if this happens. We have all been there. Don’t let those fears hold you back. At DRYU we believe our new Travel Trio collection, is a bit of life saver when it comes to some of the obstacles you might encounter while travelling.

DRYU Travel Trio

As the name suggests the DRYU Travel Trio features three very handy items when it comes to travelling. Included in the set is a DRYU waterproof bag, microfibre travel towel and a waterproof phone case.

View the DRYU Travel Trio

Below we discuss why the contents of the Travel Trio is a great choice for your 2017 Travel plans:

DRYU Travel Trio Beach Orange Set
Complete 10 Litre DRYU bag range

10 Litre DRYU Waterproof Dry Bag

What ever you have planned on your travels a DRYU waterproof dry bag makes a great addition to your inventory. Keep you electronics, valuables, DRYU towel and clothes safely protected during boat trips, bad weather and water sports to name just a few.

Waterproof, dirt, sand and snow proof they are a travel essential. Lightweight, portable and easy to pack they are easy to take every where with you, without weighing you or your luggage down.

10 Litre Waterproof Dry Bags

Microfibre towels snug inside suitcase

DRYU Microfibre Travel Towel

Unlike traditional towels a DRYU Microfibre towels packs incredible performance into a highly compact and portable towel. This makes them incredibly easy to carry around with you at all times whilst travelling and they take up very little space in your luggage and bag.

The towels are large in size, but once folded they will make minimal impact on your storage. Super fast drying and highly water absorbent they are a great way to prepare for any conditions you may face on your travels.

Microfibre Travel Towels – Find out more

Jaws DRYU challenge theme park waterproof bag

DRYU Waterproof Phone Case

Keep in touch on your travels with a DRYU waterproof phone case. Universal in size they will house most smartphones on the market including iPhone 6/7 Plus. Featuring a neck strap it’s easy to keep your phone close at hand at all times. 

Full touch screen functionality make it possible to make social media updates, take selfies and photos even in wet conditions. With one of our phone cases you can record and capture all your travel based activities, in all weather conditions.

Waterproof Phone Case – Find out more

We hope you can see the benefits of picking up the DRYU Travel Trio as part of your 2017 travelling plans. To inspire you to “travel today, not tomorrow” here’s the Orange DRYU Travel Trio  basking in the Bournemouth Sun…

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