Top 5 Awesome solo travel tips for solo travellers

Solo Travel Tips From The Experts

Travelling alone can be an exciting, but equally daunting experience. The decision to go solo may be out of desire to do something independently, find happiness, yourself or simply your friends can’t find the time or money to join you. What ever the reason, we have put together five our favourite solo travel tips and advice posts, to help you prepare and decide whether solo travel is right for you.

1. Travel Tips Travelling Solo : What You Should Know – Diana Edelman

This is a great post from Diana, as it goes beyond the excitement of independent travels and delves deeper into day to day realities. The potential to miss a bus, that leads you to missing out on your accommodation, the need to realise that not everyone is a good person and that even though you seek to find it, travelling alone won’t guarantee you happiness. Not intended to stop you travelling solo, but simply an essential insight into the reality of solo travel the post is a must read.

2. How to Deal With Anxiety While TravellingAnita Hendrieka –

Whether you suffer from anxiety on a daily basis, or experience it during specific situations it is undoubtedly an issue you are likely to face while travelling solo. Different languages, people, food, places, weather etc, are just a number of issues you are likely to face when travelling and experiencing them alone can be even more daunting. Anita’s post offers a number of real life tips to help deal with these situations, including sleeping, thinking of your destination and rescue remedies. Her advice is simple, but simplicity is essential when these situations occur, you need to be able to move on as quickly as possible.


3. How to Travel Alone – Victoria at

Victoria’s post is an essential read for anyone interested in travelling alone. Providing an excellent balance between positivity and precautions the post is very inspirational in encouraging people to travel solo. Gaining new friends, improving confidence, and finding yourself are just some of the benefits mentioned. What is noticeable is how Victoria considers these easier to achieve solo as you don’t have the easy option of staying with someone you know all the time.

Overcoming the fear of spending time on your own and meeting strangers, is overcome by a number of helpful tips and emphasis on the need to weigh up each situation. Towards the end of the post there is also excellent advice for female solo travellers, which leads perfectly on to the next featured post.

4. Solo Female Travel Is it Safe? – Pamela MacNaughton BootsnAll

Another post from BootsnAll, but an essential read for female readers weighing up the prospect of travelling solo. Providing perspective from a number of experienced female solo travellers, the post is very affective in highlighting how women are perceived in different cultures and the need to weigh up every situation when travelling alone. A must read for solo females, but an equally insightful read for all.

Traveller Walking Wearing Dry Bag

5. Gallop Around The GlobeKiara Gallop at

Kiara’s blog provides a wealth of travel tips on various destinations around the world. What we love about the blog is the attention to detail to planning the trip, the photography, and the passion that is put in to each of her posts. Her travels have seen her visit countries from all the around the world, from Thailand and Japan to Portugal and Peru. The blog is a source of inspiration for what you can achieve and to help you overcome any illusions that you can’t travel without someone else. Rich with advice on every trip, the blog will undoubtedly leave you better prepared for your solo adventure.

We hope this post has provided you with the inspiration needed to consider travelling solo, or at least given you some valuable resources you can consult for inspiration. No Excuses. Dive in.

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