Top 5 Awesome travel advice posts for new travellers

The idea of turning your back on everyday life to explore the world is an exciting prospect. However, actually achieving that dream is a whole different concept – where do you begin? Make a start by diving in to our “Top 5 awesome travel advice posts for new travellers” from real life travellers. We thoroughly recommended you follow their blogs and social networks too!

1. 5 Tips to start saving for a trip  – Anita Hendrieka at

One of the hardest things for people to get a grip of is “saving” towards their travelling dreams. It’s much easier to spend than it is to save, “I’ll start next month” or “in the new year” is often an excuse. Anita offers a straight to the point but equally effective guide on helping you save for you next trip. Her blog offers an array of very useful posts for new travellers as well as some great write ups on her experiences, be sure to visit her blog.

2. How to become a freelancer and work from anywhere in the world –
Ashlea Wheeler at

The fear of giving up a stable income to go travelling is one of the hardest things to consider when thinking about going travelling. There is a comfort and a sense of normality in the monthly salary. Ashlea discusses a number of fun and practical ways to go “freelance” and continue to earn while pursuing your travelling dreams. A must read.

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3. 20 ways to Learn a Language – Victoria at

A regular reason not to travel is the language barrier and the fear associated with not being able to get by. Unfortunately there are too many people like me that speak English and try to get by without learning a new language. However, learning a new language can significantly improve the travelling experience, improving relations with locals and is an excellent life skill to have. There are so many ways to succeed in learning a new language and there is no better time to start than when you are planning a trip. Victoria at Pommie Travels provides a comprehensive “20 Ways to Learn a Language” guide on her blog, making it easy to get started. Her website also features a number of fantastic travel advice, guides and destination posts that will help you achieve your travelling dreams.

4. 20 Inspiring Part-Time Travellers – Jess at

Depending on your circumstances, giving up on the day job may not even be a possibility. You have a mortgage to pay, family commitments, friends or you love your job. So how do you go about achieving your travel dreams whilst maintaining all these things. Jess a “part-time traveller” herself, introduces “20 Part-Time Travellers” that are living that lifestyle and are having great fun doing it. The “A Passion and A Passport” website provides a wealth of excellent travel advice resources on how to juggle everyday and travel life, a must visit for anyone looking to pursue this method of travelling.

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5. Which Accommodation to Choose While Travelling –

Choosing accommodation that best suits your travels requires careful consideration, due to its significant influence on your budget and your experience during your trip. Everyone will have different expectations and it’s a very important to consider all options to ensure you don’t leave yourself without money to actually visit anywhere other than your room! The Travel Hack provides an excellent guide on choosing the best accommodation based on specific travellers, from hostels to guest houses and couch surfing. The Travel Hack Blog provides a wealth of travel advice from destinations to packing tips and is a must visit for all potential travellers.

Hopefully this article has given you an idea of where to start when it comes to travelling and at the very least provided you with a number of exciting bloggers that can provide you with a wealth of travel advice to help you fulfil your dream. Now you have “No excuses. Dive in”

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    Delighted with my DRYU bag! I bought it to keep valuables in whilst on a boat, but now use it to take to football and its even been my beach bag on holiday! Great investment!

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