ThunderCat Racing UK Partnership

DRYU are delighted to have teamed up with ThunderCat Racing UK for the UK ThunderCat Racing 2016 season. This will see us join them for all six of their UK events spanning various locations across the UK. As the “World’s Toughest Watersport” their is obvious synergy between DRYU and ThunderCat Racing UK and we are excited to help keep the teams dry throughout 2016.

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ThunderCat Racing UK needs no introduction

Described as the “World’s Toughest Watersport” it’s essential to experience ThunderCat Racing first hand to truly appreciate the extreme and exhilarating nature of the sport. In ThunderCat Racing a driver and co-driver lay siege to the sea on a purpose built catamaran combined with a 50hp motor.

The inflatable properties of the boats make them extremely fast but always on the brink. At the mercy of unpredictable waves and weather, guiding the boats around intense course conditions requires skilled drivers and teams.

Fantastic Spectator Sport

For the same reasons as participation, ThunderCat Racing is an exciting spectator sport. Great atmospheres and intense competition make for truly incredible free to view entertainment.

Taking place on various golden coasts across the UK there is even more reason to get down to the beach in 2016.

If you are interested in participating or spectating you can find out more on the ThunderCat Racing website.

ThunderCat Racing UK

The Synergy is There For All To See

Surrounded by water, extreme weather conditions and intense competition, ThunderCat Racing fits the envelope of “Life Without Limits”. As specialists in dry bags we are on hand to help competitors achieve their maximum safe in the knowledge their valuables are safe. The dynamic and youthful nature of the DRYU brand is also a perfect fit for a rapidly growing and exciting sport such as ThunderCat Racing.

ThunderCat Racing Event Schedule

The 2016 season sees ThunderCat Racing visit 6 picturesque locations around the UK with the aim to excite and entertain spectators nationwide. Starting in Bournemouth and finishing in Cornwall, there is no excuse not see the ThunderCat Racing first hand in 2016:

We are excited for the 2016 ThunderCat Racing UK season ahead, so keep it here for our frequent updates on the events.