The Essential Solution for All Your Adventures [infographic]

20 Litre waterproof bags, or DRYU 20 Litre Adventure bags as we like to call them offer extensive storage benefits. Great for travelling, keeping essentials safe from water, snow and dirt and a whole lot more.

However, to appreciate the comprehensive benefits of owning a 20 litre waterproof DRYU Adventure bag we have designed an infographic that visualises all the benefits of ownership. Find out how many people they are suited for, where you can take them and whole lot more, take a look below:

20 litre waterproof bag inforgraphic

Choose Your 20 Litre Waterproof Bag

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Is a 20 litre waterproof bag for you?

The DRYU 20 litre waterproof bag is great for all types of adventure, perfect for storing larger clothes items, towels and all your valuables. However, you may also be interested in one of the other sizes available: 5 litre and 10 Litre. These are great if you just want to throw the bag over your shoulder, or keep one in you another bag. The smaller (5 litre) essential bag is great if you only need to store valuables and wallets. The 10 litre will come in handy if you are heading to the beach or pool for the day and want to store a few pieces of clothes and your valuables. Find the DRYU 10 litre waterproof bag range here, and the 5 litre waterproof bag range here.

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