The Best Festival Bag for Fun and Freedom

The Best Festival Bag for Full on Fun

Portable, light, flexible and strong is this the best festival bag for total freedom and fun? Featuring all round weather protection including water, dirt, sand and snow proof properties a DRYU bag must be a contender for best festival bag. Available in vibrant colours and perfect protection from all the sweat, shower, liquids and camping experiences you have planned it will be life save at your next festival. Here are 10 reasons why we believe our bags might be a candidate for the best festival bag.

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10 Reasons for Being the Best Beach Bag

  1. Portable and light. Great for carrying around at all times at a festival, or for storing away for exactly when you need them a DRYU bag is practical storage choice.

2. Unpredicatable Weather. The weather can quickly change at a festival and it’s always good to have somewhere safe to store your valuables and extra changes of clothes.

3. Showers. Keep belongings with you in the shower and ensure they remain well protected from the wet and dirty shower environments.

DRYU Dry Bag Waterproof Icon4. Waterproof. Store and keep safe all your valuables water, liquids, sweat rain and damp.

DRYU Dry Bag Sand Proof5. Sand proof. Maybe your next festival is on a beach. Completely sand proof, DRYU bags are easy to wipe or wash down.

DRYU Dry Bag Dirt Prof Icon6. Dirt. On the camp site or muddy fields keep dirt completely away for all your belongings.

7. Camping. Moisture, condensation and are other wet conditions are always a threat whilst festival camping. Pack smart and safely with this solution.

8. Strong. Capable of storing heavy festival and camping gear, DRYU is the best festival bag when it comes to all round strength, flexibility and portability.

9. Lockers. Keep valuables safe from extreme weather, if you don’t want to store them in a locker. Good for phones, wallets and other valuables.

Best Festival Bag Body Image

10. Wet Bag / Dry Bag. Should you get wet at the festival a DRYU bag is a great place to store wet clothes and items. Keep a fresh set of clothes completely dry and then change them over with the set fresh from the dirty and wet festival activities.

Contender for the Best Festival Bag

Given their versatility, a DRYU is one of the best festival bags you can add to your itinerary. Pack one in you existing camping bag for a weekend festival, or carry one with you at all times for a day event a DRYU bag makes a great festival companion

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