Minimalist Travel Accessories for the Modern Traveller

Modern Traveller? Don’t Forget Your Minimalist Travel Accessories

“What defines a modern traveller and what are minimalist travel accessories?” you might be asking. With an array of blogs and social media accounts telling of travellers unique stories, there isn’t a simple way to describe it. Each modern traveller has their own methods with some habits that overlap, but to create an attraction to their stories and to encourage visitors to return each have a unique niche.

However, we are confident that no matter what type of traveller you are, minimalist travel accessories will be of significant benefit to your adventures. After all, you don’t often find a travel blog that takes pride in travelling with excess baggage and adding unnecessary restrictions to their travel plans. Who knows this might be a blog opportunity for someone?

Picture Yourself, Don’t Prevent Yourself – Minimalist Travel Accessories

Our Minimalist travel accessories are all about living in the moment (Life Without Limits after all!). Just picture yourself doing more on travels thanks to DRYU’s travel accessories. With a DRYU bag and towel you can easily overcome preventing factors such as keeping things dry and safe or not having enough room in your bag for a towel.

DRYU Microfibre Towel and Dry Bag Header

So let’s picture it. Picture yourself taking your valuables out on a kayak or stand up paddle (SUP) board, crossing a river, going through a waterfall or heading out for a swim on the beach. Picture yourself having more space and weight allowance for souvenirs and keep sakes for you to bring back from your travel experience. This is just some of the benefits you can hope to gain from DRYU minimalist travel accessories range.

Minimalist Travel Accessories

At DRYU we take a lot of pride in our minimalist travel accessories range. Compact, portable, lightweight our bags and towels feature all the benefits that help you minimise your packing requirements. The great thing about all of our travel accessories is that they don’t compromise on performance. Such is the nature of minimalism, the focus is on getting MORE from LESS.


Mette Over the shoulder DRYU bag

Our bags offer excellent storage space, 100% water, dirt, sand and snow proof properties more than can be said about a lot of bigger bags. Our microfibre towels are super fast drying (allow more frequent use) and very water absorbent. Both minimalist travel accessories will take up very little luggage space and weight, giving you greater freedom when out on your travels, or more space and weight allowance for your suitcase. Perfect!

Meet The Minimalist DRYU Range

All dry bag sizes and colours triple pack

DRYU Waterproof Dry Bags 

Portable perfection for protecting your valuables and electronics from water, sand, snow, and dirt. Store your phone, tablet, camera, jewellery, books and more and enjoy an active lifestyle. A lifesaver by the beach, pool or festival DRYU 5 Litre waterproof bags are portable enough to be carried around at all times, or stored in a existing bag for future use. Featuring a removable overarm strap and handle they are easy to carry around on adventures of any size.

2017 Travel Accessories - Microfibre Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel Towels

A DRYU Microfibre towel is more than a traditional towel. Think space-saving, incredibly lightweight, super fast drying in natural conditions, and highly portable.

All of these fantastic properties add up to a towel that is built for outdoor and active lifestyles.

Convenient enough to pack with you at all times and functional enough to be used on multiple occasions with limited drying times they are perfect for all types of water sports, travelling experiences and camping environments. A sweaty fitness session or an unexpected shower, they are perfect to have with you.

Multiple towels inside a 5 litre DRYU bag

Born to Be Together

We aren’t ashamed to say our bags and towels were born to be together. So much so our towels can’t get enough of our dry bags. We have found that it is possible to fit FIVE LARGE towels in our smallest 5 litre bag. The image to the left you can see 4 towels are easily stored, and we are sure you can fit as many as two more in there if you wanted. Of course you could just take one towel and use the rest of the space for other valuables. The choice really is yours!

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