How to Survive Festival Showers

Surviving the Festival Showers Experience

Having been to the Download Festival at Donnington UK three times, it’s fair to say I have “experienced” festival showers on a number of occasions. In truth they aren’t as bad as everyone makes out, but they still provide various obstacles that I hope to help you avoid.

Getting dry clothes and towels wet in the festival showers

Festival showers are very wet and muddy places, it’s so easy to get your fresh, clean clothes and towels covered in dirt and water leaving you with an extremely unpleasant drying and getting clothed experience.

Theft of valuables and belongings in festival showers

It is almost impossible to not leave your phone, electronics and other valuables in the ‘dry” areas. Although it’s something I haven’t personally experienced, leaving them in these disorganised places always throws up the risk of theft, leaving you without a phone and valuables for the duration of the festival.

You don't want to go to the festival lockers

Lockers and showers are often in different areas and at peak times it can be infuriating queuing in line twice, leading to the risk of missing out on seeing your favourite band. To save time it’s very tempting just to head in to the showers with everything and run the risk. On top this festival lockers aren’t cheap, so you may not want to use them all together

Keeping valuables at the camp site or in the car

Leaving your valuables in your tent or car may seem safe but there’s significant risk of theft and damage to your belongings and keeping them with you is often the only solution. The majority of the time, a designated person won’t want to stay back and guard the tent.


To avoid all of the above annoyances associated with festival showers it’s a great idea to pack a DRYU festival bag for your next festival. With one in hand it’s possible to:

  1. Keep all your clothes and towels dry in the festival showers
  2. Avoid theft as you can take ALL of your valuables and belongings in to the shower with you
  3. No need to visit the festival lockers as you can keep your valuables with you
  4. No need to leave electronics and other items in the tent or car. Keep them with you in the shower.

DRYU festival bags are 100% water, sand and dirt proof and will keep your belongings completely safe. Easy to wipe down, carry and store they are great addition to your festival itinerary. That’s just some of the benefits of taking a DRYU bag to your next festival. Why not discover the full extent of bag ownership at a festival on the DRYU festival bag page.

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