DRYU Essentials 5 Litre Dry Bag Range

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Keep your valuables and accessories safe from water and extreme conditions
with the DRYU 5 Litre Dry Bag Range 

The DRYU 5 litre dry bag is the perfect waterproof and extreme weather protection solution for an individuals electronics and valuablesShield light valuables including phones, wallets, purses, shoes, or a change of clothes from water, sand, snow and dirt. The bags are ideal for when down at the beach, around the pool, a day at sea, outdoor concert, or overnight camping.

Flexible Freedom 5 Litre Dry Bag

The 5 litre waterproof bag is essential if you are heading to the sea alone, as you can take your valuables with you rather than leaving them on the beach. Featuring a removable overarm strap and handle, they are easy to take with you when setting out on all types of activities and when undertaking adventures big or small.

Keep the Wet in or Out

The DRYU bags aren’t just a great way to store and protect dry items from wet and extreme weather environments. They are equally effective at storing wet items such as bikinis, swim suits and trunks. This feature makes the bags great for storing wet belongings at the beach or pool.

Perfect for Powerboats

DRYU bags are provide perfect protection for powerboat enthusiasts. Check out a recent powerboat bag partnerships with ThunderCat Racing UK and Coleman Racing (P1 Superstock) as further evidence of their suitability on board.

5 Litre waterproof holiday bag

5 Litre Dry Bag Features – DRYU Standard Features

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5 Litre Dry Bag Applications

DRYU Bag Applications

If you are planning any type of outdoor activity including water sports, swimming, festivals and camping the 5 litre small waterproof bags are a great way to keep your belongings safe from water and extreme weather.