20 Litre Waterproof Dry Bag Range

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Keep valuables and essentials safe from water and extreme condItions
with the DRYU® 20 litre Dry Bag Range

The 20 litre dry bag is superb for storing multiple changes of clothes, phones and gadgets at a festival or camping weekend.  Your waterproof dry bag will be ideal for sharing when down at the beach or on a boating trip. Store it all and explore more, safe in the knowledge that your valuables are protected from extreme weather conditions and tough terrain.

Including an over arm strap and handle, DRYU bags are easy to carry and a great looking accessory, giving you and your friends the freedom to fully embrace the day and discover more. Alternatively the dry bags are very versatile and lightweight, making them great for storing in an existing bag for future use, or packing them in your luggage for an upcoming holiday.

20 Litre Dry Bag Features – The DRYU Standard

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20 Litre Dry Bag Applications

DRYU Bag Applications

The 20 Litre waterproof bags are the perfect companion for extended trips such as camping, travelling or holidays. They are also great If you are planning a trip down the beach with a number of friends or as a swim bag if you plan to take everything with you.