Essential For Camping – Waterproof Camping Bags

Un-expected weather, damp mornings and showers are just some of the things you can expect to face on your next camping trip. Keep all your valuables and belongings safe from them all with waterproof camping bags from DRYU.

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Why Do I Need a Waterproof Camping Bag?

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The Weather

The weather was scheduled to be sunny for the entire weekend, but as always rain and wind comes along to spoil the fun. DRYU waterproof camping bags provide you with a handy waterproof solution, keeping electronics, clothes, shoes and towels well protected from all types of weather.

When the weather passes your items will be completely dry, if you brought a towel it’s the perfect way to get dry quickly and change into warm clothes.

DRYU waterproof camping bags

Drinks, Food and Liquids

Drinks, food and other liquids are just some of the things that can your valuables can be exposed to on a camping trip. DRYU waterproof camping bags will keep valuables and clothes items protected from them all, whilst also being extremely easy to wipe down, should they splashed or have items dropped on.

Light and Versatile

DRYU waterproof camping bags extremely light properties make them a great way to carry items around when camping. Either keep them stowed away for later use or carry everything in them and use it as your only bag. Made from super strong 500D tarpaulin, they offer the ultimate protection for campers.

Waterproof camping bag

Various Sizes

You may be planning a single night of camping, a couple of days or an entire week. DRYU waterproof camping bags are available in three different sizes 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre which means there is a bag to suit your excursion. Store just your valuables or a few clothes items in a 5 Litre bag, valuables and clothes in the 10 litre, or all of the above plus larger electronics and towels in the 20 litre.



Camping can frequently involve a bit (or a lot) or walking and it’s great to save on space when ever possible. Easy to stow away for later use or light enough to carry in your hand luggage DRYU waterproof camping bags are extremely practical. In addition, they are great way to keep wet/dirty clothes away from your dry/clean clothes, whether they are carried inside or out of an existing bag.

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You may plan on showering on your next camping trip, which may or may not be a public experience. Unlike your shower at home this can often be an extremely wet and damp the experience. Not to mention the potential risk of losing your valuables. DRYU waterproof camping bags are a very practical solution: store all items in them and then take them in to the shower with you, even with significant shower spray your belongings are safe and protected by your side.

Waterproof Camping Bag Features

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DRYU waterproof camping bags are essential all types of camping trips, short or extended.
All you need to decide now is which colour and size most suits your style and storage needs. No excuses. Dive in.