The Dark Side of DRYU has Arrived

Volcanic Red and Deep Ocean Blue Join The DRYU Inventory

We are excited to reveal two new colours in the DRYU range; Volcanic Red and Deep Ocean Blue. Providing a dark side to our vibrant DRYU waterproof bag range the red & blue variations undoubtedly add a little bit extra.

Little Introduction Necessary

Aside from the colour, the bags themselves require little introduction. Featuring all the essential properties of our existing bags you can be sure your electronics, valuables and more will be safe from water, sand and dirt wherever you take them. Currently available in the 5 litre small capacity, the bags are an essential choice for storing your small valuables. For more on each of the bags click the images below…

The Red (Volvanic Red) DRYU bag is a new 2016 addition to our waterproof dry bag range. Striking yet sophisticated the red dry bag, is the only bag in the range to feature a gloss finish and makes a red hot impression. A great choice for camping, festivals or whilst sailing it’s a packing essential for every season.

The Navy Blue (Deep Ocean Blue) DRYU bag is a new 2016 addition to our waterproof dry bag range. Prestigious yet understated the Navy Blue edition really makes a bold statement on and off the water. Providing a safe haven on a boat, by the beach or while camping it’s a great addition to your inventory.


If you are new to our bags here’s a reminder to just some of the benefits you can hope to gain from DRYU bag ownership. From camping and travelling to festivals and sailing the possibilities are endless.

  • 100% Waterproof. Keeps items safe from snow, sand, dust and dirt
  • Floats safely if dropped in water (when sealed correctly)
  • Suitable for brief submersion & dunking
  • Easy to wipe clean and stow away
  • Great colours for all outdoor activities
  • 5 Litre Bag size Ideal for everyday items – phone, wallet, clothes
  • Includes overarm carry strap and carry handle
  • Manufactured from heavy duty 500D Tarpaulin and PVC coated for ultimate durability
DRYU bags colour feature icons
DRYU Bag Applications

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