The Perfect Christmas Present for Packing Perfectionists

Packing Perfection – DRYU Waterproof Bags

Well that post title rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it? We are not ashamed say that we think our waterproof dry bags represent a great gift for the packing perfectionist. Or for anyone who enjoys water sports, going on holiday, travelling, camping and more. Featuring waterproof properties and so much more a DRYU waterproof bag is a perfect way to store valuables on all types of packing occasions.

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What makes a DRYU Waterproof Bag so Great?

There are so many benefits to owning a DRYU dry bag and so many potential uses for it. For anyone involved in water sports, outdoor activities or simply want a great looking bag to keep everything safe at the beach or music festival a DRYU bag is a great storage solution.

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  • Waterproof. Rain, waves or waterfalls a waterproof bag from DRYU will keep everything safely stored in wet conditions. Phones, valuables, documents, clothes, towels and more are easy to store when correctly stored in a DRYU bag.
  • Water is just the start. Dirt, sand, snow and all types of unwanted undesirables are kept at bay thanks to the bags unique properties.
  • Lightweight (400g), foldable, easy to pack and little impact on your storage a DRYU bag is a great packing accessory.
  • Carry by the handle or over your shoulder via the carry strap provided the bags are perfect for getting around
  • They look great. Not satisfied with providing complete storage protection, the bags are available in stand out colours that that make a big statement.

Let me see

We have said a lot about them so far, but undoubtedly you want to see our dry bags for yourself. Here is the range, available in a number of vibrant colours and sizes. Don’t forget the all new red and navy blue additions:

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Don't Just take out word for it

By this stage you might be thinking, these bags seem a little bit too good to be true. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some happy DRYU bag owners had to say:

I’ve used the DRYU bags a lot more than i thought I would. Initially I imagined they’d be useful for water sports and keeping things dry but in fact they’re also useful for keeping the wet in too. I’ve used them on all types of occasions, particularly when the weather is unpredictable. I love my DRYU bags and they’ve become an essential item to pack on my travels.

Victoria Brewood – Pommie Travels – Full review here

If you’re taking lots of boat trips and particularly if you’ll be scuba diving, a dry bag is really handy. You can keep all of your valuables and clothing safe and dry and not worry about them getting wet on the boat or during rainstorms. I love the DryU colourful dry bags.

Monica Stott – The Travel Hack – Full Feature Here

Have I told you how much I love my DRYU ?? …best bag in the world

Andy Stone – Happy Customer via Facebook

Who Should I Get One For?

More to the point, who shouldn’t you get one for? DRYU bags are so versatile, they are of significant benefit for all types of outdoor activity big or small. To make things even simpler we have put together some more information on the the places and type of people the bags may be suitable for:


Someone who travels – frequent or every now and again, they will undoubtedly find the bags to be a great addition to their travel itinerary.


Water sports Fanatic

Surfing, kayaking, conoeing sailing and so much more. Where ever there is water, a DRYU bag represents a great way to keep everything dry, or store your wet gear.



Camping enthusiast or festival goer. Great for keeping out the water when out in the wildness or in amongst the festival experience.



A beach goer. At home or abroad everyone loves a day at the beach, but could do without the risk of valuable damage from sand and sea waves.

I think we have said it all…

I think it is safe to say we have said it all when it comes to the suitability of purchasing a DRYU waterproof bag for someone this Christmas. With so many use possibilities, even the toughest person to buy a present for will undoubtedly acknowledge a DRYU bag as a great gift. Explore the shop here.

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