The Essential Gift For Avid Swimmers

Struggling for gift ideas for an avid swimmer? Maybe they have got all the goggles, trunks and swim hats and you want to get them something that is completely different from what they already have. Introducing DRYU waterproof swim bags. DRYU bags will not only keep all of their valuables 100% safe from water, but are also a great way of keeping all your wet clothes away from dry items. Discover more below:

Not a LOCK of luck

We have all had days where we have forgot to bring a lock for the lockers. Instead of skipping the swim, store everything in your waterproof DRYU bag and take them into the pool area with you. 100% waterproof the bags will ensure all your valuables are safe.

Keep the wet from the dry

Having been for your swim, there’s nothing worse than putting wet towels, trunks, goggles etc into a bag full of dry items leaving your bag and all your clothes wet and smelling of chlorine. Put all your wet items in a DRYU bag, place it in your bag and keep all your dry items perfectly dry. Whether you want to keep the wet inside or out DRYU bags are a perfect solution.

Select Your Swim Bag

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Adventure Collection

Adventure Bag Collection Pack

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Gold Coast Yellow

Yellow Waterproof Dry Bags


Cherry Blossom Pink

Pink Waterproof Adventure Bags


Changing room and showers

Changing rooms floors are frequently damp or have unexpected puddles where you set down you items. Or it may even be case of the person next to you drying off and spraying your belongings with water. Storing all your items and valuables in a DRYU waterproof pool bag keeps your items safe and dry, allowing you to set them down at your leisure. Completely wipe proof, it’s easy to wipe water away from the bags.

DRYU Dry Bag Waterproof IconDRYU swim bags are 100% waterproof and easy to wipe down, so whether you keep them by the pool or use them in the changing room they will completely protect your belongings from water.

DRYU Dry Bag FloatsIconShould the bags fall in the water, they will float! Which means all of your valuables and belongings will remain completely safe and easy to rescue from the water.

Swimming home and abroad

As much as we can control our own actions, it’s sometimes impossible to avoid splashing, jumping and diving around the pool which can lead to unexpected damage to electronics and valuables. Protect you expensive smartphones, fragile books, dry clothes and towels from these nuisances and store them away in a DRYU waterproof pool bag.

Versatile & super strong storage

Manufactured from 500D Tarpaulin, DRYU bags are very strong but extremely lightweight and flexible. You can fold the bags away easily in an existing bag for when you need them most or carry them at all times. Each bag includes an overarm carry strap for wearing over your shoulder.

Essential Gift For Swimmers

Surprise them (or yourself) with this “outside of the box” gift idea for swimming. Available in three different sizes (5, 10 and 20 litres) and four different colours DRYU waterproof swimming bags will undoubtedly be a gift they will use for weeks, months and years to come.

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