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Don’t Just Talk – Lets Make Travel Plans Talking about travel undoubtedly helps to inspire thoughts and day dreams of domestic or distant exploration. But as we all know, talking is rarely enough to satisfy the appetite. Talk is short lived and before you know it another year has passed with no real progress. Travel plans are […]

Travel Now, Not Tomorrow Excitement, anticipation, euphoria…just some of the words you might use to describe the thought of going travelling in 2017. Anticipating adventure, exploration and new experiences can be quite overwhelming. Equally overwhelming is the urge to GO NOW. All that day dreaming, imagining yourself in picturesque locations and looking at Pinterest it’s almost […]

Turbo Charged 2017 Travel Preparations Those with previous travel experience will know, that travel preparations begin well before departure. Whether it’s organising transport, accommodation or your daily itinerary there is a whole lot to consider when it comes to travelling.  With this post we hope we can help you turbocharge your 2017 travel preparations. Pointing you in […]

Modern Traveller? Don’t Forget Your Minimalist Travel Accessories “What defines a modern traveller and what are minimalist travel accessories?” you might be asking. With an array of blogs and social media accounts telling of travellers unique stories, there isn’t a simple way to describe it. Each modern traveller has their own methods with some habits […]

Adventure Packing Made Easy Do you have various travels and adventures planned for the months and years ahead? Adventure packing has never been so easy thanks to the DRYU adventure bag collection. Featuring all 3 DRYU bag sizes there is a bag to suit every experience and travel destination. Store more and save money. Waterproof, sand, snow […]

Travel Packing Advice – 3 Steps to Freedom Freedom represents the foundations of a unforgettable travel experience. Away from the daily grind, commute, rent and more, travelling is the cornerstone of freedom for many. Unpredictable weather, daunting day trips and safety of valuables are not something you want to get in the way of your travel plans . […]

The Best Travel Bag for Total Adventure When it comes to travelling, the key to complete freedom is the ability to enjoy every experience. At DRYU we believe we have the best travel bag to achieve this. Portable, light, flexible and strong the foundations for freedom are set. Storage sizes to suit any travel expedition whilst retaining all […]

Re-defining The Travel Bag In a recent post (read here) one of our friends Chelsea Louise Haiden discussed “re-defining the word traveller”, which inspired me to write this post themed on re-defining the travel bag. Traditionally It’s a loosely used phrased that can be used for any type of bag small or large – but does any bag […]

Today, our friend Chelsea Haden over at Lovinglifeinwellies shares her experiences of being a traveller and what travelling really means to her. Thanks to Chelsea for the great guest blog post, we would love to hear how you would define the term “traveller” in the comments. Traveller Redefined What does travelling mean to you? It always intrigues me […]

With so many places to see and excursions to go on it can be easy to overlook some of the risks associated with your valuables while travelling. Thankfully we have a great solution. Born to Travel DRYU waterproof bags are the perfect way to keep all your valuables and belongings safe while discovering the world. […]