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Let Your Wet Suit Rest In Peace – Wetsuit Bag After a long day riding the waves and soaking up the surf, it’s little wonder your wet suit is ready to rest in peace. Have you prepared correctly, or are you about to place your soaking wet suit in your favourite bag alongside dry clothes, […]

Answer: A DRYU Wet Suit Bag Don’t risk getting your dry clothes, towels, electronics and more damaged by throwing your wet suit in your regular bag. A DRYU wet suit bag will provide the perfect storage solution for your wet suit, keeping water, sand and dirt completely away from your belongings. The Right Wet Suit […]

Buying a surfer or water sports fanatic new gear can be a challenge. They have the board, the suit and getting them exactly what they want removes the element of surprise and normally comes at significant cost. 100% waterproof DRYU bags are a great gift for surfers that compliment all of their existing gear. Let us show you […]