Carry More With Strong Waterproof Bags

When travelling, participating in water sports or going camping it is essential that you storage bags are strong and robust. DRYU are strong waterproof bags manufactured from 500D Tarpaulin, which ensures you can safely and securely carry all your belongings and keep them 100% protected from water sand, snow and dirt.

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DRYU Strong Waterproof Bags

Capable of resisting the most extreme weather conditions DRYU strong waterproof bags are the essential way to protect all of your belongings. Electronics, documents, clothes and more are fully protected from nature allowing you to go about various indoor and outdoor activities with complete freedom. Discover some of the places you can enjoy DRYU bags here.

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Strong, yet flexible and lightweight

Strength doesn’t have to mean heavy and cumbersome. DRYU strong waterproof bags are extremely lightweight and versatile, making them perfect for throwing over your shoulder to carry at all times or to keep stored away in another bag for when you need them most. Manufactured from 500D Tarpaulin and PVC coated, it is quick and easy to wipe down and the clean the bags after use.

Perfect for All Conditions

Waterproof properties are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bags benefits. They are equally effective at resisting sand, dirt and snow making them an essential part of your itinerary for every season. Skiing, camping or days at the beach a strong waterproof bag will help keep your belongings completely safe.

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Strength in Every Size

Which ever of the three size options you choose (5 litre, 10 litre, 20 litre) each feature the same extensive strength benefits. Sized to suit specific types of excursion and adventure you can be sure your valuables and belongings will be safe and secure. Find out more about the size and colour options available here.

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