Soak up Summer with a waterproof swim suit bag

Waterproof Swim Suit bag – Spend More Time Enjoying The Sun

Ensure you are the only thing soaking up the sunshine and sea waves this summer with a waterproof swim suit bag by your side. Avoid damage to phones, electronics and clothes by storing wet suits, bikinis, towels and more in a DRYU bag.

Vibrant, Functional and Fun Swim Suit Bag

Available in four super vibrant colours, DRYU swim suit bags will look great on the beach this summer.

Lightweight and portable the bags provide a great solution for storing wet swim clothes and gear, shielding them from dry towels and all of your other valuables.

Wet Bag Holiday

Waterproof Storage for Your Dry Gear

Not satisfied with simply storing wet belongings, the bags are equally effective at protecting dry belongings including phones and electronics from water, sand and whatever else you throw at them this summer. Easy to wipe down the bags will withstand all conditions and keep everything safe inside.

Beach Holiday Swim Suit Bag

Portable and Practical

Light and easy to carry via the carry handle and overarm strap they are easy to carry and keep with you on the beach. Alternatively they can be easily folded away for when you need to use them. Despite this flexibility the bags are incredibly strong (manufactured from 500D tarpaulin) making them perfect for storing heavy items, and withstanding the most extreme conditions.

Wet bag dry items

Swim Suit Bag Designed to Get Soaked

DRYU swimwear bags embrace the wet. Take them in the showers and it’s easy to keep valuables safely with you at all times, or even take them in the sea to prevent leaving belongings at risk on the beach.


More than a Swim Suit Bag

Thanks to the bags waterproof properties theres no reason why you can’t enjoy a DRYU bags company on any other excursions you have this summer. Planning a boat trip, some camping or a festival? Pack your DRYU bag and prepare for every adventure

Select Your Swim Suit Bag

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Adventure Collection

Adventure Bag Collection Pack

£59.97 £54.97

Gold Coast Yellow

Yellow Waterproof Dry Bags


Cherry Blossom Pink

Pink Waterproof Adventure Bags


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