Small Waterproof Festival Bag

More than a small waterproof festival bag

It’s crazy all the things you can do with a small waterproof festival bag. With one at your side you will have the freedom to dance, drink, shower, camp and literally go crazy knowing that your belongings are completely safe inside your DRYU bag.

  1. Dance and Mosh to your hearts content. Your small waterproof festival bag will fend off sweat, drink, water, dirt and so much more as you delve into the delights of your next music festival.

  2. Safe showering. Featuring 100% waterproof properties, you can be sure your belongings will be protected from the showers at your next festival. This can also help reduce the chances of theft as you can take everything in to the showers with you.

  3. Camping in comfort. Great for storing valuables, clothes and more you can keep rain, dirt and more away from belongings at all times. Take a couple of small waterproof festival bags and you can easily separate things and get organised

  4. Light, flexible and strong the bags can be carried with you at all times or fold away for later use. The bags include an overarm strap. Even when you are not using the small waterproof festival bags they won’t hold you back.

  5. What ever the weather. If rain begins to fall you will always have somewhere to put a dry set of clothes, safely store your phone or keep a towel. Perfect for the unpredictable pleasantries of festival experiences.

Small Waterproof Festival Bags

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If Size Does Matter

Maybe a small waterproof festival bag isn’t quite big enough for you? Don’t despair, DRYU bags are available in 10 litre (medium) and 20 litre (large) variations giving you even more capacity to store your possessions. Perfect for storing all your valuables when camping or taking multiple changes of clothes with you should the weather turn.

Your Small
Waterproof Festival Bag

You can familiarise yourself with all the luxuries of owning a small waterproof festival bag with our comprehensive waterproof festival bags feature here.

Small, medium or large you will be more than ready for your next festival with DRYU.

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