Sea Bags Keep Your Valuables Safe

Keep Everything Safe with DRYU Sea Bags

Don’t fear for your valuables and make the most of your next sea outing with DRYU sea bags. 100% waterproof and able to float they are the perfect way to enjoy a boat trip, a swim in the sea or building sandcastles at the beach. Pack your dry clothes, electronics, towels and books knowing they are safe and secure in a DRYU sea bag.

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Weather Proof Sea Bags

DRYU bags aren’t just waterproof, they are also sand and dirt proof making them perfect for every sea based experience. Building sandcastles at the beach or paddling and swimming in the sea, the bags are resistant to all the elements.

Waterproof Sea Bags

Manufactured from super-resilient 500D tarpaulin they are easy to wipe down should they come in contact with any nasties. Sand, dirt, lotions and liquids are easily removed. They are the ultimate weather proof solution for your sea excursion.

Sea Sophistication

Available in 4 vibrant colours, the sea bags don’t just look great they are also a sophisticated storage solution. Super strong, they are able to store heavy items including shoes, towels, clothes, laptops and more.

Weather proof bags

Despite their strength, they are extremely versatile and flexible making it easy to pack them away for later use or carry at all times. Featuring a carry handle and overarm strap, how you wear your DRYU sea bag is in your hands.

The Essential Sea Bag for Surfers

During your next trip to the sea you may plan to go surfing or indulge in some water based activities. DRYU bags are a great place to store your wet suit or swim wear after you’ve been in the sea. The bags keep water and sand completely away from your dry valuables and belongings.

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Equally effective at keeping the water out, they are also an essential way to store clothes, towels and other belongings and keep them protected from outside exposure. Why not have one bag to keep the water out and another to keep it in?

Pick Your Sea Bag

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Adventure Collection

Adventure Bag Collection Pack

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Cherry Blossom Pink

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See You Out at Sea

With a DRYU sea bag with you, there are no excuses not to enjoy the sea in every season. Available in three sizes to suit your storage there is a solution for light essentials (5 litres), larger storage requirements (10 litres) and heavy packers (20 litres). Whatever the season, see you out at sea!

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