Rest In Peace RIP Wetsuit

Let Your Wet Suit Rest In Peace – Wetsuit Bag

After a long day riding the waves and soaking up the surf, it’s little wonder your wet suit is ready to rest in peace. Have you prepared correctly, or are you about to place your soaking wet suit in your favourite bag alongside dry clothes, phones and valuables? Or have you come prepared and brought your DRYU wetsuit bag?

Always Winning with a DRYU Wetsuit Bag

With a super vibrant wet suit bag, you can store your wet suit and other wet gear with maximum simplicity. Strong, super lightweight and extremely versatile the bags are portable and easy to prepare for your wetsuits arrival.

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Great for storing dry items and belongings, they go beyond containing the wet. Dry items, electronics and towels can be kept protected from the sea and sand ensuring they are ready to revive you after a day on the waves.

A Wetsuit Bag Worth Getting Wet For

Available in 3 practical sizes (5, 10 and 20 litre) their is a wet suit bag to suit your exact requirements. Maybe you need to store a couple of wet suits making the 20 litre a must have or single suit in the 10 litre. For smaller wet items the 5 litre is a perfect fit.

Let Your Mind Rest In Peace with a Wetsuit Bag

With a wetsuit bag it’s not just your wet suit that will rest in peace at the end of a days surf. Keep your mind at ease that stored in a DRYU bag, your dry clothes and valuables are safely shielded from the wet and sand during the days surfing activities.

Choose Your Wetsuit Bag

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Adventure Collection

Adventure Bag Collection Pack

£59.97 £54.97

Gold Coast Yellow

Yellow Waterproof Dry Bags


Cherry Blossom Pink

Pink Waterproof Adventure Bags


More Than a Wetsuit Bag

A DRYU bag is great for storing your wetsuit and wet gear, but is also ideal for all different types of outdoor activity. Travelling, festivals and camping also offer a perfect opportunity to use the bag and keep valuables and belongings protected from the most extreme weather. What ever the next adventure: Life Without Limits.

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