Microfibre Travel Towels Now Available

Light, High Performance Microfibre Travel Towels Have Arrived

Keeping your valuables dry with our waterproof dry bags is one thing, but what abut you? Big and bulky, a traditional towel isn’t always the ideal packing accessory for travel and outdoor activity. Thankfully, with the launch of our new travel and sports towels your problems are solved!

All DRYU Microfibre towels hanging
Microfibre towels snug inside suitcase

Not Your Traditional Travel Towel

A DRYU Microfibre towel is more than a traditional towel. Think space-saving, incredibly lightweight, super fast drying in natural conditions, and highly portable.

All of these fantastic properties add up to a towel that is built for outdoor and active lifestyles.

Convenient enough to pack with you at all times and functional enough to be used on multiple occasions with limited drying times they are perfect for all types of water sports, travelling experiences and camping environments. A sweaty fitness session or an unexpected shower, they are perfect to have with you.

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Essential For Travel Packing – Microfibre Travel Towels

With all the extensive benefits, the DRYU microfibre towels are perfectly suited to a life without limits. They also make the perfect addition to our DRYU bag family.

With a DRYU microfibre towel it’s easy to pack a big towel in any DRYU bag or any existing bag you own

Their lightweight highly portable properties make them a perfect towel solution to be included with any of our DRYU bags. Previously a 5 litre or 10 litre towel would have trouble storing a large towel. With a DRYU microfibre towel it’s easy to pack a big towel in any of our bags.

Travel, kayak and go camping with complete peace of mind and portability with a a DRYU bag and Microfibre towel.

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Travel Light Into 2017

If you have any travelling or outdoor activities planned then the DRYU microfibre towels are a must have addition to your itinerary. Lightweight, super fast drying and incredibly portable you can travel with freedom, knowing you can keep dry no matter what conditions you face.

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