Mette Sends DRYU In To Dreamland

It’s What Dreams Are Made Of

It’s fair to say we have enjoyed a massive amount of support and positive reaction to DRYU “Life Without Limits” in recent months with our fantastic partnerships with ThunderCat Racing UK , Coleman Racing, Multispark Racing and Get Lost Sailing. As a company in its relative infancy, it’s invaluable to have received such support and we are extremely grateful.

Things couldn’t surely get any better. However, last week we found ourselves in dreamland when we saw our logo featured ON THE NOSE of Mette Bjerknæs UIM F2 Racer for the 2016 World Championship season.
The way it all came about was a dream in itself…

As it Happened

I met up for the first time with John Moore (powerboat racing world) in Newquay at the ThunderCat Racing, and he mentioned Mette from Norway who had shown an interest in our DRYU bags. I was really pleased that she simply liked the look of the bags and the brand appealed to her. Getting positive reaction from influential figures is fantastic.

One thing lead to another and I found myself chatting to Mette on Facebook, it was pretty surreal and I was grateful for her to give me the time of day! She said she would love to promote DRYU and asked me for the DRYU logo to use on her boat.
I was so happy.

Mette Bjerknæs DRYU Nose Racer Image

Having any representation on Mette’s racer was incredible, and then late last week i see an image of her stunning vessel with the DRYU logo right on the nose. On the Nose. Unbelievable.

Mette Bjerknæs

Representing Norway in the UIM F2 World Championships, Mette Bjerknæs is a young hugely talented racer who has enjoyed a successful career so far and has an exciting future. She has a fantastic following in the sport both online and in the real world.

Mette is competing in 2016 UIM F2 World Championships, with the first event this weekend in Finland, followed by events in Italy, Norway, Lithuania, France and Portugal. It goes without saying we are delighted to be on board with her throughout the championships. Thank you Mette!!

Get to Know Mette

We will undoubtedly be supporting Mette throughout the Championship season and you can too through her social media:

Mette Bjerknæs profile

Watch The Championship Live

You can watch the F2 UIM World Championships and follow Mette’s progress through the tournament at PowerBoat Racing World with the first racing being shown LIVE on Sunday (12th June). For more information on Mette’s reveal as a brand ambassador for DRYU view the post here.

Special Thanks

A massive thank you to Mette for the amazing representation, but also a huge thanks to John Moore for introducing us to Mette. Without your efforts this opportunity would never have come about.

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