Men and Womens Waterproof Dry Bags

Best of Both – Men and Womens Waterproof Dry Bags

Having spoken to hundreds of people regarding our DRYU bags, it’s safe to say the range has proven hugely popular with activity seekers of all persuasions. Kayakers, Sailers, Festival goers, and beach lovers have all expressed a liking towards, the vibrant range. Having recently added to our colourful collection, we believe our men and womens waterproof dry bags will be more popular than ever.

Dry Bags for Men and Women

On our travels across the country with Thundercat Racing, yBall and other excursions, people have commented on how refreshing it was to have a colourful range of dry bags ideal for men and women. With a vibrant and more youthful approach to waterproof protection for your belongings, it’s easy to store valuables with compromising your credibility.

Vibrant Colours

The pink waterproof dry bag was often mentioned by surfers at Fistral beach, boating enthusiasts in Portsmouth and canoeists in Liverpool to name but a few. The sky blue dry bag has also been very popular amongst women. Men have shown more of a liking to the blue, orange and yellow options, but many still saw the benefits of standing out with a pink dry bag over their shoulder.

Male and Female dry bags in use

Everyday Enthusiasts

It’s not just active enthusiasts who have taken to our men and womens waterproof dry bags. They have also been hugely popular with people going on holiday, down the beach or to the gym looking for a light, super strong bag that will give them all round protection for their valuables.

New Colours to Consider

The launch of the new Red (Volcanic Red) and Navy Blue (Deep Ocean Blue) versions of the DRYU bags will undoubtedly continue to increase the appeal of our bags amongst men and women. These darker yet equally eye-catching colour options really do have a touch of premium about them. Whether it’s the gloss of the red, or deepness of the blue we don’t know. To put it simply we think they look great and as far as men and womens waterproof dry bags go, they range really has something to offer everyone.

We hope you find a colour that meets your adventure and active needs….

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