Keep valuables safe at a festival with this fantastic solution

Heading to a festival in 2016, but eager to keep your valuables and clothes safe while enjoying all the all the amenities and unpredictable weather? Let your mind be at rest with DRYU waterproof bags.

Whether you like to get fully involved at outdoor music concerts and festivals, in amongst the sweat, the crowd surfing or the mosh pits or would rather take a back seat and enjoy the show from afar DRYU waterproof bags are a great addition to every festival event. Featuring water, sand, snow and dirt proof properties, DRYU bags represent the complete versatile storage solution for your electronics, valuables and belongings.

Protection Against The Unpredictable

Unpredictable weather, puddles, dirt and sweat are just some of the things you may need to contend with when attending a festival. All these unpleasantries can damage phones, cameras and clothes making them unusable. Keeping these items in a DRYU waterproof festival bag will allow you to enjoy every moment, knowing these items are safe.

Waterproof festival bag

No Luck With The Lockers

You may not have a locker to store your items during the event or would prefer to keep them with you, making DRYU bags a lifesaver for valuables protection. If the festival extends over a number of days you may be camping, which creates further safety issues for your valuables.


Vibrant, Functionality for Festivals

Available in a multitude of sizes and featuring super strong light weight properties they can easily be stored in an existing bag and used exactly when you need them.

They represent a great solution for your festival and camping day bag. Vibrant colours also mean you are unlikely to leave them behind and will know where they are at all times.

Waterproof camping bag

Safe in the Showers

You may even be brave enough to use the showers during the festival, with a DRYU bag you can avoid water exposure and getting items stolen by using it to protect your valuables. Waterproof properties mean you can take the bags in the shower with you and have them by your side at all times.

Face the Festival Full On

Ground moisture, drink spillages, and days of unpredictable whether are all less of a concern if you have a DRYU bag to store your valuables in. Head to the showers with all your belongings rather than risk them being stolen from the tent.

To find out which DRYU waterproof festival bag is most suited for your next festival why not check out a buyers guide which provides valuable information on what you can expect to store in each the capacities available. View the DRYU buyers guide here.

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