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Microfibre Travel Towel

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Adventure Bag Collection Pack

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Keep The Wet Away With a Waterproof Bikini Bag

After a dip in the pool or a swim in the sea, one of the biggest frustrations can be finding somewhere to put your wet bikini. You don’t want to set it down on a dry towel, soak your bag or place it anywhere it can damage valuables. With a 100% waterproof bikini bag, you can easily store your wet bikini and keep all your belongings from harms reach.

Vibrant, Versatile Waterproof Bikini Bag

Available in 4 vibrant colours, a DRYU waterproof bikini bag doesn’t just look great. Manufactured from lightweight tarpaulin material they provide perfect storage for your wet/sandy swimsuit.

10 litre waterproof bag in pool

Resistant to water, sand, liquids, ice creams and more, they are easy to wipe down making them equally effective at keeping wet out as they are in.

DRYU bags colour feature icons

Light and Portable

Easy to fold, lightweight and portable the swim suit bags are great for storing in existing bags for when you need them most. Pack a couple in your suitcase, hand luggage or keep one in your handbag and you will be ready for when ever you need want to go for a swim

5 Litre waterproof holiday bag

Great for on holiday the bags are perfect for using in the changing rooms at home, store dirty gym clothes or keep your valuables with you when using the showers.

Store in Style in Summer With a Waterproof Bikini Bag

Now you’ve got your holiday booked it’s a simple case of picking which colour waterproof bikini bag is your favourite. Which colour you choose you can be sure it will perfectly store your swim suit and keep from getting your belongings wet.

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