Focus on Fun With a Waterproof Theme Park Bag

Having Fun Thanks to Our Waterproof Theme Park Bag

We recently had the pleasure of going to a theme park (Universal Islands of Adventure Orlando) and simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity of putting our DRYU bags to the test. With a variety of “wet rides” to choose from we went for Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges and the classic Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride.

As you can imagine we weren’t there to simply go on wet rides to test the our DRYU bags, so we limited ourselves to two soaking experiences. So we packed dry clothes, a towel, wallets, in the 20 litre blue DRYU bag and some clothes and valuables in 10 Litre pink. Naturally our phones went in the corresponding phone cases.

Day 1. Starting Slow

Having not packed a complete change of clothes we decided a “less wet” ride was in order to provide a warm-up for our waterproof theme park bags. The Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride was the ride of choice. Consisting of a rectangular ride, with 4 people sitting across, this was a “train track” style water ride. We had the DRYU bags between our legs and our phones hung round our necks.

Looking a bit dated now, but still providing some Jurassic Park fun, the ride goes through a section of Jurassic Park. All seems well to begin with, only for things to take a turn for the worse.

It appears the velociraptors have escaped and are on the loose – this would have been terrifying for any younger passengers. Without spoiling the ending, the rides finale is a big splash. This did give our phone cases a bit of a splash and along the way our DRYU bags had experienced a bit of a soaking.

Without question our waterproof theme bags barely flexed a muscle, and we happily taking flattering selfies with the phones in their cases at the end of the ride. Thankfully we would return another day and really put our products through their paces…

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Day 2. Waterproof Theme Park Bag to The Rescue

During another visit we went to the parks wettest ride, which was undoubtedly the Bilge-Rat Barges. Signs saying “you will get wet” and soaked through people coming off the ride confirmed the suitability of our waterproof bag testing choice. This was going to be wet and would really test our waterproof bags and phone cases to the limit.

The ride is basically a raft which goes down a designated rapids replicating route, with various water cannons, waterfalls and plunges. The ride does actually have a covered area, where you can put smaller items and shoes, but not for bigger bags with towels and clothes like we knew we would need later.

Naively we took the seats that no-one was keen to sit in. We were thinking to ourselves how inconvenient it was that people hadn’t moved round to two seats at the opposite end of the raft. If only we would realise what would follow shortly after.

For maximum exposure, we positioned the DRYU bags naturally between our legs, while our phones were hanging round our necks in the phone cases.

The Face of Victory

As you can see below, we were smiling despite be soaked through. This was probably because we knew we had warm, dry towels and clothes waiting for us to change in to. Perfect…

Large theme park dry bag
Theme park challenge passed!
Theme park waterproof bag survival

Testing The Waterproof Theme Park Bag

The ride begun and it was apparent the opening stages represented the calm before the storm. After a relaxing start we were soon exposed to the raft being plunged, leading to water streaming into the raft. Then there were various machine operated character themed water cannons, that could be dodged (but we didn’t bother). More annoyingly human operated cannons were also dotted around the ride, with people being able to shoot directly at specific victims on the raft. We soon learnt the error of our ways towards the end of the ride with the last 2 major waterfalls landing directly on us. Much to the delight of everyone else!

Success or Failure?

Soon the ride was over and having “survived” a thorough drenching we were keen, yet extremely confident our bags had withstood the challenge. As you can see from the pictures below, we were both dripping through and our bags also had plenty of water running down them too. But had they done the job they were assigned?

Of course our dry bags and phone cases passed the challenge with flying colours. Whilst everyone else concerned themselves with “drying off” naturally or falling victim to the over priced towels from the merchandise stands, we casually took our towels and dry clothes from the waterproof theme parks bags and proceeded to the changing rooms. We could go about enjoying the day without being concerned by dripping through smelly clothes.

Enjoy More Fun With Waterproof Theme Park Bags

There we have it. Challenge passed. Undoubtedly our bags are great for using on boats, kayaks and camping but they are equally useful during less typical situations. So next time you step into a theme or water park don’t forget your DRYU waterproof bag and phone case . Without question you will have more fun knowing your valuables and other belongings are safely protected from water and more.

For All Fun and Adventures

We also found our waterproof theme park bags were ideal for surviving dinosaurs and great white sharks attack. Of course we can’t guarantee that! But from the pictures below you can see our lightweight super strong bags are ideal for your next theme park visit.

Jaws DRYU challenge theme park waterproof bag
Challenge accepted Jurassic Park
Jurassic bag challenge passed

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