Go for Gold with the Essential Swim Bag this Summer

Safe With a Swim Bag at The Pool This Summer

With all the excitement in Rio for the Olympic games for the swimming, we are sure there is plenty of you keen to go down your local pool or on holiday and set your own personal best. We can’t promise you a gold medal at the end of it, but can ensure all of your gold and valuables will be safe inside a DRYU Swim Bag.

Select Your Swim Bag

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Microfibre Travel Towel

DRYU Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel

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Adventure Collection

Adventure Bag Collection Pack

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Cherry Blossom Pink

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10 litre waterproof bag in pool

Waterproof Swim Bag

Vibrant and functional DRYU waterproof swim bags provide 100% waterproof protection for all your valuables. This feature gives you complete peace of mind that while in or at the pool, your belongings will be protected from water.

With pink, blue, yellow and orange variants to choose from, and three different capacities choose the bag that best suits you.

Powerboat trips protection

Wherever There’s Wet, There’s a Way

By the Pool, or in the showers there are various places in the pool environment that a swim bag from DRYU will come in handy. You may have forgotten your locker key and a DRYU bag is a great way keep things safely with you.

The bags also float when sealed correctly making them a great solution for taking belongings out with you when swimming.

Not Just Waterproof

Even if you aren’t a serious swimmer and just need a bag for by the pool, a DRYU swim bag provides great protection against all types of beach, pool and holiday based uncertainties. Sun lotion stains, ice creams, drinks, sweat and other substances are all kept from your belongings and are easy to remove from a DRYU bag.

DRYU bags colour feature icons

Wherever You Go This Summer

Canoeing, Kayaking, Camping and Travelling wherever you go this summer a DRYU bag is a great bag to have with you on your adventures, thanks to additional snow, dirt and sand proof properties. With a DRYU bag by your side, or over your shoulder it’s easy to go for gold throughout 2016. Life Without Limits.

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