DRYU Dressed to Impress

Introducing Our New Product Packaging

We are excited to provide the first photos and details of our new DRYU bag packaging. Featuring, an improved visual style that compliments our website, descriptive product information and a handy usage guide, we are happy to be taking our waterproof bag range up a gear.


The iconic grey and pink colour scheme has been introduced into our packaging to ensure our brand message is delivered full circle. We want you to make a clear connection between the website you purchased from and the product you have received and with the new packaging we have exceeded this expectation.

It’s In The Detail

When you pick up your waterproof DRYU Bag we want you to see the full benefits of what you have purchased. What you can do, where you can go and what you can store are represented in infographic (images) to inspire you on where to take your DRYU bag next.  A clear product description and closing guide provide further evidence of the design detail.

DRYU Packaging Image 1

DRYU Packaging Image 2

DRYU Packaging Image 3

The Bag With Benefits

The front of the new packaging gives clear guidance on capacity, and the core benefits of the bags : waterproof, snow, sand and dirt proof. Featuring a front “window” it’s easy to see which of our four vibrant waterproof bags you have in your hand.

Key Benefits of New Product Packaging

  • Features all the information you need to learn and get inspiration for using your DRYU bag
  • New packaging is perfectly aligned with our website and other marketing activities
  • Makes for an even better gift, giving the receiver a clear idea of what they have received

More images of the new packaging will be available when we update the existing product pages.
We hope you like the new packaging design and would love to hear your comments below…

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