Bags you can take in the pool

Ever felt as if you couldn’t jump in the pool, for fear of leaving your valuables behind and someone stealing them when you weren’t looking? Don’t hold back on your next holiday with DRYU bags you can take all your belongings with you in the pool.

Bags You Can Take In The Pool

Featuring 100% waterproof protection DRYU bags are a great way to keep valuables and other belongings with you in the pool. Safely by your side you can be sure that valuables are secure. If you are at a swimming park you may want to keep a towel or top with you at all times and a DRYU bag is a great way to keep them dry and nearby.

Everyday waterproof bag

Take Everything

Other items, such as phones, wallets and jewellery can also be kept with you ideal if you need your phone to contact someone or make an emergency call. Manufactured from flexible, yet super strong 500D Tarpaulin the bags are a practical lightweight way to carry items. Perfect for the extremist of weather conditions.

Floating Bag Properties

Featuring the ability to float in water DRYU bags are an extremely practical solution. Easy to wipe down with a towel or brush off after spending time in the pool it’s simple and easy to protect your belongings. Via the over arm carry strap included it’s easy to keep items at arms-length at all times.

10 litre waterproof bag in pool

Extended Benefits

Waterproof properties is just one of the many benefits of DRYU bags. The ability to resist sand, snow and dirt make the bags essential for all different types of activities and outdoor adventures. Find out exactly where you can make the most of owning a DRYU bag with out essential for page.

Perfect for the Pool

Whether you want to take your valuables in to the pool with you, or protect valuables from splashing, sun creams and drinks while sitting by the pool DRYU bags are essential for your next pool holiday. Discover the full benefits of owning a DRYU bag for your next holiday here.

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