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DRYU are an independent company, based in Bournemouth, Dorset UK. We supply high performance water and extreme condition protection dry bags to customers throughout the UK and worldwide. DRYU is a registered ® trademark of DRYU 2016. Head Office and returns address below

19 Breeze
4 Owls Road
Phone: +44 01202-287-131

Product Related Questions

Do you have a really handy graphic showing all the benefits of DRYU bags?

Below are all the technical features of the DRYU bags. To see what you can store in each bag size and where you should take them check out our Buyers Guide Here.

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What are DRYU bags manufactured from?

DRYU bags are manufactured from 500D tarpaulin and are PVC coated making them super strong and 100% resistant to water.

Why are DRYU bags so strong?

DRYU bags are manufactured from 500D tarpaulin and are PVC coated. This type of material is normally used for industrial purposes that are used frequently on a day to day basis. It is ideal as it is extremely robust and able to withstand severe weather conditions.

Are DRYU bags waterproof?

YES. DRYU bags are manufactured from 500D tarplin and are PVC coated, which gives them 100% protection from water.

How much can I store in each bag?

This is dependent on the individual and the intended use. However, we have put together the following image to provide guidance on what you can store in each of the bag sizes.
All Capacities DRYU infographics

What size bags are currently available?

DRYU bags are currently available in 3 different variations to meet your adventure needs

What activities are DRYU bags suitable for?

DRYU® Dry Bag Applications

DRYU Bag Applications

Suitable for all types of sports and activities including skiing, camping, surfing, music festivals, days at the beach, rainy days, the gym, jet skiing, fishing, on the boat, hiking and many more. Where ever your next adventure takes you, DRYU bags are essential.

Do the dry bags include an overarm strap?

Yes. An optional overarm strap is included with every dry bag.

Clarification on 100% waterproof statement

DRYU dry bags offer 100% waterproof protection when sealed as guided on the product page. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to water exposure. Please follow guidance at all times:

Closing & Storage Guidance

Can the DRYU bags float?

Yes, DRYU dry bags are capable of floating when sealed correctly.

Can DRYU bags be dunked or submerged under water?

Yes, but only for a brief period of time and should not be exposed to extended periods of dunking/submersion. It is essential that DRYU bags are sealed correctly, incorrect closure may result in water exposure.

Delivery & Returns

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What is your returns policy?

DRYU are pleased to operate a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase. To qualify to get a full refund the product must be in brand new condition, including all original product packaging. If in case the product was not supplied in suitable condition, the situation will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Please note the customer will not be refunded the expense of returning the item or for the cost of delivery.

Is there a delivery fee for each item or for the entire transaction?

Whether you buy 1 DRYU bag or 5 the shipping is FREE in the UK

What Delivery Services do you offer?

DRYU offer a standard UK delivery service via first class royal mail. International delivery services are also offered. For full details place a product in your cart and options will be provided based on your location.

How are DRYU bags packaged for delivery?

DRYU bags are securely packaged and delivered within 24 hours to insure safe arrival.

How quickly are items dispatched are purchase?

Items are dispatched within 24 hours of purchase and sent via Royal Mail.

What if my items get damaged during delivery?

If your product is damaged during the delivery process it is the customers responsibility to raise a claim for compensation with the delivery provider.


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How do I purchase items from the DRYU store?

Here is a straight forward step-by-step purchasing process for the DRYU website.

  • Access the shop via the menu at the top of the page
  • Browse the range of products available
  • Use the “Add to cart” button to purchase the required dry bag
  • Once the DRYU bag is in the basket, simply go to checkout and fill out your payment and delivery details
  • Confirm your order
  • You will then receive email notification of your purchase.
  • Your item/s will be shipped to you within 24 hours

It is possible to purchase items from various locations on the website. Anywhere you see the “Add to cart” button it is possible to make a purchase.

How do I request a refund for my purchase?

Full refunds (minus postage fees) are only offered if the product is returned to us in new condition.
The following provides a step by step refund scenario.

  • Contact DRYU at info@dryu.co.uk or via your member area on the website
  • Provide detailed information on your reason for returning the item
  • If approved return details will be provided
  • Send back your items
  • The DRYU team will assess the state of your return items and provide a refund if item is provided in new condition

Please note each refund scenario will be managed on a case by case basis.

Is it safe to purchase from the DRYU store?

Yes. The DRYU store features SSL encryption give you peace of mind that any sensitive information is safe from hacking abuse.

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How can I pay for a DRYU bag?

We currently accept payment via paypal (all major credit and debit cards), Cheque (UK only), Postal Order (UK Only) and Bank Transfer.

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