3 Steps to Festival Freedom – Festival Packing

Festival Packing Advice – 3 Steps to Freedom

At music festivals, freedom is fundamental to a fun experience. Worrying about the weather, camping conditions and shower experiences are not something you want to get in the way of festival fun times. With this festival packing solution you can be sure that fun always come first.

1-2-3 Festival Packing

With a DRYU bag in your festival packing itinerary it’s easy as 1, 2, 3 to get more from a festival, here is how:

1. Store Valuables

Put all your valuables in a DRYU bag.

  • Phones
  • Electronics
  • Valuables
  • Clothes
  • Everything

2. Safe Festival Packing

Manufactured from 500D tarpaulin and PVC coated the DRYU bags will provide complete protection against water, sand, dirt and snow (should there be any!). What ever experience you face at your next festival you belongings will be safe from extreme conditions.

3. More Festival Fun

With valuables safely stowed away it’s easy to enjoy every festival experience with more freedom.

Singing, camping, moshing, showering, eating and using the toilet, they are all that much simpler with a DRYU bag.

Festival Packing Bag

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Festival Packing - 3 Steps to Freedom

The 3 steps are so simple to follow we decided to make them into a fun infographic so you can keep them for future reference:

festival packing freedom

Further Festival Packing Benefits

Whilst all types of weather protection is one of the biggest benefits of including a DRYU bag as part of your festival packing there are a wealth of other benefits: Super lightweight, multiple sizes, foldable easy to pack in existing bags and very strong. Don’t go without a DRYU bag on your next festival.

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