Monthly Archives: April 2016

Face 5 Festival Fears with this Awesome Festival Accessory When it comes to festivals everyone has there fears about what’s ahead. Whether you’ve got you tickets booked and are feeling slightly anxious, or are yet to commit to purchasing this years festival ticket we’ve got a festival accessory that will help you overcome 5 of […]

Powerboat Trips in Poole – Fun For All! As you know, our friends Get Lost Sailing down at Poole Quay have recently started to offer their pulse racing powerboat trips to Poole locals and tourists. From the sneak peaks they have shared via social media so far it looks like they are having an awesome time. It’s great […]

What a Weekend ThunderCat Racing! Wow, what a whirlwind weekend! If you had said to me this time last week we would be part of the ThunderCat Racing in Bournemouth I would have had been shocked. But following an encouraging conversation with the ThunderCats team on Wednesday, it was quickly agreed and we were sponsors/partners of this great […]

Keep Bare Essentials Safe With This Beach Accessory What can you do to ensure everything you have are safe and secure so you can make the most of holiday? This beach accessory will tick all of the boxes and take you places beyond the beach. Keeping clothes dry, protecting phones and valuables has never been […]

One Waterproof Kayak Bag. Don’t Forget the Dog When it comes to kayaking a DRYU waterproof kayak bag is a great way to keep all of your valuables safely with you on board. Providing 100% waterproof protection from the surrounding watery environments, the bags are a great way to keep calm during your kayak adventure. With the […]

Festival Survival Tips – 15 Festival Essentials You Will Forget To ensure festival survival, it’s ideal to have all the essentials with you. There’s so many things to remember as you prepare to enter an outdoor environment and lose the comfort of four walls and a ceiling. We have compiled 15 festival essentials you are sure to […]

Bournemouth ThunderCat Racing Sponsors It is with great excitement and anticipation that we will be sponsoring the Bournemouth ThunderCat Racing this weekend (Saturday/Sunday 16th & 17th of April 2016). As a water based sport that personifies “life without limits” it’s hard to imagine a better partnership opportunity for DRYU.  See you on the Beach – Bournemouth ThunderCat Racing […]

No Excuses with Waterproof Bags for Travel How many people do you know that dream of travelling and seeing the world? A lot I can imagine. Excuses such as I don’t have enough money and I want to do this first are acceptable but some reasons are simply inexcusable. With waterproof bags for travel, we help […]

No more excuses with dry bags for camping Sometimes people find the smallest excuses not to do things that after doing them they love. Camping has to fall in to that category and having had my own reservations in the past, camping is definitely something that catches on leaving you wanting to enjoy even more camping experiences in […]