2016 ThunderCat Racing Champions Crowned

MicroLink Ahmad Tea – ThunderCat Racing Champions 2016

Following a fantastic, freezing weekend of racing at Watergate Bay Newquay, MicroLink Ahmad Tea were crowned ThunderCat Racing Champions 2016. Congratulations on a hugely successful season!! We are also very proud to confirm our Dorset partners Multispark Racing came runners up for the season. Massive congratulations also goes to Moku-Evolution 5 for winning the weekend event.

The Show Must Go On

Unfortunately due to transport issues en route to Newquay on Friday we were unable to make the event as planned. It was extremely disappointing for us not to be part of the final weekend and watch the drama unfold first hand. Having booked hotels and prepared for the weekend it was hugely frustrating! From what we have seen and read via social media and live streams it was was beyond extreme.

Some of The Highlights

On the first day of racing we saw Multispark Racing riders thrown from the boat, and throughout the weekend the waves and relentless weather provided some incredible photo opportunities. You can see all of the great photos, reports and updates on the ThunderCat Racing facebook page here. For all analysis and information from the weekends racing head on over to powerboatracingworld.

Thank You ThunderCat Racing

We are extremely grateful for all of the support provided by Thundercat Racing through 2016. It’s been a completely new experience for us both and it has been amazing to be part of such a great sport. We hope we can continue to enjoy a great relationship with them so watch this space.

To learn more about Thundercat Racing and how to get involved check out the official website here.

Microlink Ahmed Tea ThunderCat Racing Champions 2016

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