Monthly Archives: October 2015

Happy Halloween! To celebrate we are offering a 10% discount on the Escapist Orange DRYU bag range, the perfect DRYU bag to replace your pumpkin once Halloween is over! But be quick this special offer is available TODAY ONLY! Protection Against The Unexpected Trick Whether it’s Halloween or not, nobody enjoys an unexpected “trick”. This […]

So you have outdoor plans for the weekend or in weeks to come and you know you need a waterproof bag to keep all of your valuables safe from what ever nature throws at you. However, you can’t decide what size of waterproof bag is best suited for what you have planned. You only want to put your […]

At DRYU we know it is hard to express the extensive benefits of a 5 Litre waterproof bag with a few words. After all there are a wealth of features, did we mention they are water, snow, sand and dirt proof and great for storing all your valuables? In order to help you grasp the true value of owning a 5 […]

So you have big plans to hit the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding this winter? Well don’t forget to pack your DRYU snow proof bag, essential protection for your valuables from water and snow. Don’t risk damaging your phone, tablet or clothes wet on the slopes with DRYU. Are “U” Ready for the Slopes? Whether […]

You want to travel, see the world, see it all, but what method best suits your lifestyle? Have you got a mortgage, got a great job or is nothing holding you back, no commitments and you hate your job? Or maybe you’ve got a mixture and keep jumping back and forth from aiming to be […]

We had a great time at the PLBM in Bristol last week, chatting about life, blogging, and the DRYU waterproof bag range with some “Pretty Lovely Bloggers”. “Lovely” to be Invited We received an unexpected email about 3 weeks ago from Adele Smith at Pretty Lovely Bloggers, inviting us to participate in an upcoming bloggers event […]

Extreme Weather? Choose DRYU Weather Protection Bags It already feels like it’s here, but “Winter Is Coming”, which means we are on the verge of facing all types of undesirable weather. What ever nature throws at you; rain, sleet, snow, sand, dirt, wind and more your valuables will be safe with DRYU extreme weather protection bags. […]

The idea of turning your back on everyday life to explore the world is an exciting prospect. However, actually achieving that dream is a whole different concept – where do you begin? Make a start by diving in to our “Top 5 awesome travel advice posts for new travellers” from real life travellers. We thoroughly recommended […]

No excuses. Dive, jump, crawl, sail, ski, swing, spin, run, swim, roll, mosh (etc) into life with the new DRYU® waterproof bag range. Wher ever your next adventure, short or extended takes you keep your valuables protected from water and extreme conditions with DRYU® waterproof bags. Limitless Adventure With DRYU Waterproof Bags Just a short stop down at […]

Waterproof Holiday Bags – Keep Everything Safe Tan, swim, pose and build sand castles to your hearts content on a holiday getaway. Don’t leave your valuables behind, DRYU waterproof holiday bags are 100% waterproof, making them an essential for a quick trip down to the beach. Wallets, phones, clothes, shoes and more are protected from […]